Box Manufacturer Guidelines for CBD Packaging

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Looking to improve your CBD packaging? The simple instructions laid out by expert box manufacturers are a hit among customers and retailers alike.

Why is CBD packaging significant?

As a manufacturer of CBD items, you must be aware of the many research and production hassles to produce the ultimate products that customers highly appreciate. But do you ever consider what type of packaging would keep your valuable items intact and reaction-free?

Just making the right and most demanded CBD products is not it, the real work starts when the products are ready to be launched in the market.

Why so?

The fact is that the CBD markers are flourishing by the minute. Newer opportunities for growth fueled by the legalization of cannabidiol in many countries have prompted new startups to join in the race. Either you are producing identical items as of the competition or researching original ones, the fate of your brand is determined by customers’ loyalty.

Once the products are out there for people to judge, the packaging is the best device to offer them what they want and wish to see. Most marketing tools are limited by time and resources. But the packaging is hard to miss and is on display 24/7.

Your brand needs good CBD packaging for more reasons than you may account for. If you are new to box designing then there is no need to panic. Professional help is just a call away! Box designers and engineers combine their expertise to churn out CBD packaging that is an amalgamation of the brand values and customers’ expectations.

Not convinced yet? The following 4 instructions laid out by box makers are convenient to follow so you can get your ideal packaging in no time.

  1. Finalizing the brand perception

Did you know that recent customer surveys show that buyers make shopping decisions based on the packaging? This means that all your marketing regimes would bear fruit only when the packaging is good enough.

Experts suggest that before dwelling into box designing, you must first decide what brand image you desire to project. It could be quirky, bold, to-the-point, lively, or organic. Whatever is appropriate can be pasted on the custom packaging boxes so customers know the real brand ethos before buying the products.

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If you are not sure as to what this is or how to determine the brand identity in a wholesome format, answer the below questions:

  • What type of CBD items do you produce?
  • What market segment do you wish to aim for?
  • What customer demographic would buy your products?
  • What is your distribution channel?
  • What are the market norms?

Finding a suitable answer to each one is bound to provide a basis for building the brand image. Box makers can help you figure out your basic requirements so your boxes can radiate a true brand identity in every way.

  1. Know your product type

Once you are done with sealing the brand image, it is time to move on to the next step.

CBD markets are diverse with individual customer bases. CBD oils, food items, cosmetics, body care, and pet products, every type of segment has specific requirements for packaging. Starting with the box construct, it goes as far as putting relevant text on the boxes.

Specialist box manufacturers guide you on how to identif6y your product’s packaging conditions. Including its dimensions and densities, certain CBD oils and skincare come in fragile bottles and pouches that need extra care. Box makers have robust and modern box cutting mechanisms that create just the right boxes that are secure and prevent leakages during transport.

Next, consider your distribution channel to finalize the box materials. More shipping needs call for corrugated stock whereas, in-store retailing can be done via cardboard, rigid, or Kraft materials. If your product comes with components then adding custom box trays and inserts can work too. Ultimately safe and guarded CBD items are functional and provide what the customer are searching for so they come back for more.

  1. Create an association

CBD packaging is a great way to communicate with your buyers. Not only does it create transparency and helps you gain your customer’s trust, but it also provides them with sufficient information to choose the most suitable product for themselves. Packaging boxes also serve as an effective branding window too.

Marketing vibes aim to capture the focus of the target market. This is because you can’t target CBD pain killers to people who don’t have body aches. Knowing your core customer group is key to unlock the customer retention code.

Box makers design aesthetic components to capture the exact customer demographic you want. They do this by helping you be in sync with your customer type. For instance, they advise against choosing random colors and symbols. Every box feature must team up to form an alluring appeal that the customers notice immediately.

Symbols on the back of some CBD products like a leaping bunny or a Mobius reflect the brand’s nature and inform the customer about it. Recyclable packaging is depicted as such and the boxes are printed with essential product details. All these coupled with relevant colors and graphics illustrate what your brand stands for and what the products offer. Specialist designers improvise your ideas to style boxes more professionally.

  1. Reflect branding material

Because the boxes have the potential to be seen by more customers, it makes sense to add your marketing elements to them.

It is time to pull up your socks! Stats state that the CBD industry is slated to report sales worth $17 billion in the U.S. by 2025. Right marketing materials can get you a bigger chunk of the sales share.

Box makers swear by the following tips for box designing:

  • Mark the boxes with distinct brand logos and titles. You can pick offbeat fonts and printing effects to make these stand out.
  • Pick quirky colors and suitable illustrations that go with the products’ nature. Customers must be able to tell what the boxes hold inside by looking at the box colors and graphics.
  • List your product lines and items that must be used with the products to provide better results.
  • Include engaging taglines and reasons why the product is the best choice for buyers.

What other services do box makers offer?

By now, you would have a clear plan on how to start designing and crafting your CBD boxes. Getting professional help pays off in saving time, effort, resources and pulling up sales figures.

With a well-defined purpose, marketing strategy, and customer retention mechanism, your brand can become the next popular brand of choice for customers. Box manufacturers make life easy by offering a list of box styles and improvements. Their cutting-edge printing technology ensures that the boxes are attained in the required time frame and quantities.


CBD markets are convenient to capture with enhanced packaging appeal. By considering the above guidelines, your CBD boxes can hog the limelight instantly. Use this opportunity to strategically improve your brand’s equity.


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