Creator guidelines

We would love to welcome you on board. We are a leading Magazine with the most amazing content on the internet that is handpicked by our Moderators team. So we request you to follow these quick and simple guidelines before you apply to become a content creator.

The following are automatic red flags , and will result in the post being rejected without any explanation:

1. The post is plagiarized from anywhere or your don't have the rights to publish/use the content(this will also lead to a permanent account ban).

2. The post is a rehash or spun from a piece from any other publication.

3. The article is shorter than 800 words.

4. The article is in a language other than English.

5. The post is not related to our niche/Categories.

6. Post that contains CBD, Gambling, pornographic or abusive content.

7. Post that is defamatory or tries to insult a business/Individual

8. For optimal flow, embed your links within the body of your text rather than positioning them at the start or conclusion of your article.

9. Always credit image sources and avoid overlaying text onto images.

10. Avoid including open/naked URLs within the article content.

11. Sales pitches or self-promotional content are not welcome and will not be accepted.

Quality The article must be of high quality and be easy to read and understand
Copyright Images used in the post must be non-copyrighted.
Plagiarism The article must not be copied from another writer’s work.
References If you use information from outside sources or studies, they must be included.