4 Myths about Freelance Celtx Experts that Keeps you from Growing


Considering freelancing but are afraid of acting on it? Many freelance Celtx writers have wild misconceptions about freelancing and the prospects of their career growth. These misconceptions are based on the myths surrounding the freelancing field, which we will debunk to give you peace of mind.

Let’s give you a better perspective on the freelance field and its uptake in the US. A research survey, Freelancing In America, found that more freelancers are taking their careers full time. Studies show there are 57 million Americans in the freelance economy, up from 53 million in 2014. The studies further reveal that by 2024, 43 % of the working US population will be working as freelancers. In 2019, freelancing contributed $1 trillion to the US economy. These are reasons enough to show you that freelancing can be a perfect career choice. However, let’s take a look at the myths you have heard about freelance Celtx experts that could keep you from growing.

This is a common belief that freelancers do not get paid. If they do get paid, they work for peanuts before making it in the film industry. Nothing could be further from the truth. Freelance Celtx experts can invoice their clients for a sum of money upfront. With the total paid upon completion of the project. Freelancers are more likely to earn more than a person holding a 9-5 job. Reports indicate that skilled freelance workers earn around $28 an hour, making more per hour than 70% of workers in the overall US economy.

Conversely, there is a widely held belief that once you become a freelancer, you get to be paid top-dollar right off the bat! That’s a notion that a freelancer should get rid of as it is not an automatic process. It takes time to build a reputation with clients. Once you get your first gig, do it correctly to ensure you have repeat clients who can vouch for your work to other clients. Maintaining professionalism and great end-results will slowly get you to the top-dollar tier.

  • Freelancing isn’t reliable

Job security is not a guarantee anywhere. It is a myth. People employed in full-time jobs also experience job insecurity. Yet, a majority of freelancers would argue to the contrary. Freelancing could be a more steady option in an unstable environment. This is because you do not only work with one client. You can work for multiple clients and multiple contracts, ensuring you have a steady supply of jobs that bring you an income.

As a freelance Celtx expert, you can be engaged in multiple productions if you have what it takes to deliver your best work. If you work at building strong relationships with repeat clients, you are less likely to have long periods of downtime.

The trick is always to plan your time accordingly and save adequately to compensate for the instances you may experience setbacks.

  • Freelancing makes you a loner

The biggest attraction to freelancing for many people is the fact that you get to work from home. It means that you spend a lot of time by yourself instead of an office setting where their colleagues surround employees. However, some organizations that hire freelancers require them to work from their office.

Successful Celtx freelancers recognize the importance of networking to leverage more gigs. Keeping in contact with former colleagues, working in co-working spaces, or leaving the house to work at your local coffee shop is a great way to spice up your working environment. Freelancing is not a lonely job. You are in charge of your working environment.

  • Freelancers are not professional

Whenever you think of freelancing, you have a picture in mind of someone in their pyjamas typing away comfortably. This imagery is a real attraction to many employed folks. It is true that as a freelancer, you are not bound by any code like an office setting, but it is inaccurate to associate dressing in lounge wear with unprofessionalism. It is important to note that while the urge to stay in pyjamas all day long is strong, successful freelancers prefer getting up and getting ready for the day as though they will work. As mundane as it sounds, it helps with increased productivity.

As a freelance Celtx expert, you need to liaise with showrunners, producers, directors, and in some instances, the cast. This means that you need to present yourself professionally. Your communication and presentation skills are your biggest asset when you need to pitch to clients. All of these skills require a certain level of professionalism.

Freelancing is a rewarding experience despite all the myths out there. You are in control of your career growth while enjoying the freedom to explore other fields of interest. You need to be consistent and willing to stick it out to reap the benefits that come with freelancing if you are starting.


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