Best Business Books for Women

Best Books for Starting a Business

One day I was sitting with my neighbor Astrid, in my living room, we were chatting about our day-to-day routines. I told her that I am doing my job and doing well. She asked me “Jean, what if one fine day, you are fired from your job”?  I was shocked and terrified. I didn’t have an answer to it. All the lists of monthly bills popped up in my mind.

She saw signs of worry on my face. She replied, “Don’t worry.”I also went through this entire situation”.” I also didn’t know how to go about it”. “Until my ex-boss motivated me to pursue my dream and started my own company”. She finished her coffee and left. But she gave me a new direction in life.

Some days later, I took all the details from her. She also gave me some books recommendations, which helped me to make this new journey easier for me and improved my decision-making process:

1. GirlBoss Written By Sophia Amoruso

Her story is about the struggles of life as a woman. She was an average student, a  high school and was diagnosed with several mental illnesses like depression, etc. She worked and switched several companies. Until she started a new apparel business, sold her favored dress. The key take away is as follows:

  • Identify your key strengths:

It’s about chasing your dream. It’s about breaking the odds. The author started her business by buying clothes from other suppliers at a discount. Then she sold it for a higher profit. Many parents always tell their kids to study more, so that they will succeed in their lives.  It’s the way around.  The author is the live example of it.

  • Take jobs that are not conventional:

Sophia discusses here that one should try and work in different places. This will help understand that success doesn’t come in handy. Each one of us has to work for it. The road to success is full of hurdles.  These kinds of jobs teach us new skills; this may help any new owner to succeed.  So the author encourages women to take up such jobs.

  • Learning the process:

The author did everything by herself, delivered by herself to her clients, adjusted her marketing strategy when her sale was declining, also hired models, and arranged the modeling shoots. So she learned all the way, everything to understand and run her business.

2. Option B Written By Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl discusses her struggles in life; she tells the readers that after the death of her husband, her life took a new turn. The author went through therapy with Adam. In this book, she has given stories of the people who have successfully passed the hurdles of difficulties.

She also went on to say that we can speak, to different people in the community, guide them to make their lives more meaningful. It can also help to become more productive in their personal and professional lives.

This book also gives a valuable lesson of life, that it’s not always true that plan a may work. We should also keep other options as well.

3. Big Magic Written By Elizabeth Gilbert

Women are more prone to failures than men in starting a new business. She sheds light on women becoming stronger. She even discusses that lot of women after they incorporate their companies and then they just back off.

The best thing about this book is that it applies to any type of business.  Ms. Elizabeth discusses in detail to run the business successfully.

4. Drop the Ball Written By Tiffany Dufu

In her autobiography, she advises women on work-life balance. This is the topic which is other business books on women have missed. She tells the readers that they have the choice to do what they like and leave which is difficult to do.  She disagrees with the notion that women should do everything in their lives.

This book has examples from her life, which explains that she shared her responsibilities with others to save the time to run the business, she was passionate about.

After reading through the pages of this book, many readers like me must have concluded that we often take tasks, which are not that important and may lose sight to miss an important opportunity in our lives.

5. The 48 Laws of Power Written by Robert Greene

The book interestingly discusses the strategies to get the power to achieve success. These skills can be learned, practiced to become a better person and able to promote relationships with others.

These are found in great leaders especially the ones who have started their own business. It may help women like us to turn around any given situation in our favor. In my humble opinion, people don’t give importance to it.  When any circumstances, they face may not find any way out.

I can go on to say, that women can use the emotions to achieve more in their lives. They should look out for the answers in the lists of best books to start a business. It can be a handy tool and an opportunity to learn from the success and failures. So that anyone may not do those same mistakes again.


We women should go an extra mile for defining ourselves. It cannot be inherited or wait for any other person to tell us to do.  Many have done it but it’s just the beginning, we have to go long way. It’s about becoming leaders of our destiny.


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