The Elements You Should not Put in Your Electronic Business Card

electronic business card

We are living in the digital age where Electronic Business Card is treated as an effective marketing tool. It has become a profitable mechanism to reach, influence, and get in touch with your potential clients. This could be the reason why many organizations, as well as businesses, are actively investing in crafting creative virtual ecards. From creating a great first positive impression to updating useful information related to your business in seconds, you should know how to make a digital card to achieve all those things.

However, most small, as well as large organizations, tend to make common or silly mistakes while creating an electronic business card. As business cards come with limited space, the business needs to add only the relevant information while ditching the irrelevant information. Having said that, let us now take you through some of the elements or things you should avoid putting in your next virtual business cards.

Things You Should Avoid Adding in Your Next Digital Ecard

  • Skipping Contact Information

Your business card serves a dual purpose. First, it is a proficient tool to remind people about your business, and second, it contains a source of contact information that will allow customers and potential clients to connect with you. No matter how much money you are investing in creating virtual business cards. Missing common business-related information like business name, logo, designation, person’s name, business website, phone number, email address, etc. can disappoint many and end up putting your business at great risk. Therefore, you must add all relevant information for customers to contact you.

  • Not Including Your Physical Address

Most home-based business owners often forget to or don’t feel the need to include their physical address on digital business cards. But, customers expect you to have some kind of physical existence. Why? Because knowing a physical existence will allow customers to trust you and be more likely to treat your business as genuine rather than fake. No matter whether you’re working from home or office, you need to include proper addresses like city name, state name, flat number, etc. for the customers to locate your business whenever they need it.

  • Using Poor-Quality Cards to Save Money

Using poor-quality ecards directly implies that you’re offering poor-quality products or services to your potential customers or clients. Unlike paper cards, where the quality of the paper can easily be judged. Choosing the legit ecard creator company gives you the freedom to choose the right color, typography, layout, etc. to make your card look visually appealing.

  • Overboard Your Ecards

Imagine how frustrating it is for your customers for getting too little or too much information. If you knowingly or unknowingly include unnecessary information in your ecards, the customers will assume that your business is chaotic. This will allow the customers to move on with other competitive businesses without paying no attention to your ecards. It is a good idea to provide the right type of information that you think will please the customers by adding more value.

  • Common Typos and Errors

Nothing minimizes the efficiency of good electronic cards rather than typos or grammatical errors. Though it’s common to make mistakes, both customers and clients want you to present your business matters in a presentable way. That’s why it is important to check every little detail including grammar before sending your ecard to prospective customers or clients.

  • Lack of Branding

Do you know customers are more likely to remember your business by just looking at the logo? Avoiding logos or lack of branding will not only make your ecard look bad but also makes it hard for many to recall your business name again and again. Including an attractive logo in your electronic card means you are automatically uplifting your brand’s value, encouraging customers as well as showcasing your business differently.

  • Too Much Color Schemes

Before crafting your dream ecard, you need to understand how the color schemes work and how it helps influence the customer’s behavior. Using pale fonts, harsh or light-colored backgrounds, or putting the wrong tone of colors can not only ruin the look of your electronic card but also deteriorates the image of

your business. Every business owner must use the right color schemes and a minimalistic approach to make your ecards stand out.

As the world is becoming digitally challenged day by day, it offers a wonderful opportunity to every small, medium-sized or large organization to invest in digital business cards. A virtual business acts as an impeccable marketing tool that can transform your business into an influential brand. According to marketers, the future of virtual cards depends on the type of information it provides, the urgency, and to connect with the right audience virtually.


To make your next digital ecard feature-rich, you must keep every aspect in mind while ditching the unnecessary information that could ruin the look of your electronic business card. 

Therefore, seek help from professionals to make your virtual business card look worthy for your global customers and clients too.


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