How To Make Money With Blogger

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With blogging, you also make money online or generate handsome revenue. Blogging refers to writing, photography, and different media that are self-published online. Blogging started as a chance for people to put in writing diary-style entries, however, it’s since been incorporated into websites for several businesses. The hallmarks of blogging embody frequent updates, informal language, and opportunities for readers to interact and begin oral communication. Here’s an outline of what a diary is, why it’s fashionable, and tips for beginning your own diary.

Which Platform Is Best For Blogging For Beginners

Nowadays everyone wants to make money online due for many reasons they can’t start their proper work most the people nowadays create youtube channels of different categories and want to earn money but they are disappointed after getting fewer views on their videos and they quit working I suggest them to quitting is not the solution of this problem if you want to grow on youtube you have to make your own unique content without any copyright and you have upload regular videos in starting of three months of your youtube channel after three-month regular uploading youtube algorithm automatically detect your content and promote it but here we are talking about blogging. In the case of blogging the here the same algorithm of youtube works here like you have to make unique content “articles” and proper layout management huge stuff of articles then you are eligible for blog monetization.

Key Features

if you are a YouTuber then you can easily drive your audience from youtube to your blog.

  • if your content is unique and settled properly and if your content also has SEO then the chances are high to get your blog in the search feature.
  • You need to make proper posts and some basic and important pages for the blog to get higher results.


Blogger is one of the basic and best google platform for basic-level bloggers and YouTubers who want to make their website or blog make handsome revenue. You can easily learn the tools of a blogger without any issue but there are some issues with bloggers that the host of a blogger is always under the control of google if you upload any third-party or illegal content your blog will be disabled immediately .blogger is just a basic level platform where


WordPress is one the best and most professional platforms for blogging and for websites.WordPress provides millions of themes professional themes and the biggest thing is that if you don’t have knowledge about coding programming don’t worry you can use this platform by just drag and drop But the one thing is that WordPress is a paid tool and very expensive platform you have to pay for every single professional plugin to use it and after that, you have to purchase host membership.

Steps To Make Money Online

So, In the end, I want to say that to make money you have to follow the steps given in the video on youtube you can find a complete course and parts of to make money online by blogging on blogger and if you want to start blogging or if you are a beginner then I recommend you to take start from the blogger platform and if you have already knowledge about blogging or websites you can also take a start from WordPress by making a website on the local host and then upload it to server.

But On localhost, your website or blog will not live until you purchase a host or upload it to a live server in that case blogger gives you complete access so that you can publish and index every post on live google after posting at the same time.

What is blogging

Blogging is the best and easiest way to make money online you just need to show your abilities and your performance and have to write articles unique articles on your blog on the topic you choose or the niche you are working there are many platforms on the internet for blogging but in this course, we are working on blogger.


Blogger is a platform where you can design or write bog for free blogger is a property of google where you make money online by just writing your unique blogs and publishing them. you don’t need to spend a single penny it just depends on your experience and what you are blogger provides many tools that you can use for free without paying. In blogger, you can find unique and attractive themes and add custom themes by downloading for google or different websites.

How To Create an Account on blogger:-

You just need a single email then you have to go to the official website of go to and click on the sign-in button after clicking on sign in button choose the google account you want to use after choosing the google account you have to choose your website and blog name after completing these steps you will be redirected to the dashboard of blogger.

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