Why LinkedIn Messaging is your Best Bet for Effective Social Outreach?


Remember joining a new class surrounded by unknown people in your class? You had two options back then: either sitting by yourself during lunchtime or approaching them to make friends.

Though when it comes to outbound sales or generating leads with the help of social outreach, the situation is not like that. As a business you hardly know anyone you are targeting through LinkedIn messaging, all you can do is make an effort to know them and their preference or completely miss your chance to interact with them. So what is it going to be?

When it comes to closing deals, LinkedIn messaging has become a go-to tool and is near the top for every inside sales rep when it comes to social outreach, prospecting, qualifying, and closing deals. What is it that separates LinkedIn from the rest of the social media pack? This social media channels’ popularity reflects how important it has become in the B2B purchasing decision process as the platform’s main focus is on B2B professional relationships and building connections. In fact, LinkedIn is the #1 channel for B2B marketers to post content and generate leads.

So it’s kind of a big deal!

Now the big question is…

How sales reps and social media prospecting agents should use LinkedIn to close deals?

Many B2B companies only focus on posting content every day, recording live videos, joining groups, when it comes to social outreach on LinkedIn. But all this combined does not much contribute to the lead generation. So where do most of the leads on LinkedIn come from?

All this only revolves around one thing that most B2B entrepreneurs trust: LinkedIn Direct Messaging. If your only focus is posting content and sharing articles, it will be a slow process as it is all about getting people to take the next step and pushing them into the sales funnel.

Most people with their bit of research do the same thing. Here is what they do, they just run a small search on LinkedIn sales navigator baked on the position they want to target, the location, and niche. Then they scrape out the list of decision-makers and use a tool that sends out automated messages.

However, social outreach on LinkedIn is more than that. The automated messaging that most send are copy-pasted dried templates with no personalizations, personality, or anything. You might have received the same. Do you respond to those? Of course, no, as it is annoying to receive them and provides no value. So, instead, if you want to stay light years ahead of your competition, you will need to focus on efficiency strategies that are customized according to your industry and potential clients.

Why use LinkedIn Messaging?

It is likely that if you are reading this post you already know about LinkedIn, but you may not know why LinkedIn is most important to marketers for effective social outreach, finding prospective customers, gathering information, generating leads, and reaching out to them. All this can be done on a single platform.

Direct message to every single person present on the platform!

Yes yes, you read that right. Because of this reason LinkedIn especially LinkedIn messaging has taken over the business world by storm in recent years. It is a platform all about connecting to people and businesses, so there is an exception that everyone on the platform will have something to offer or simply to promote their products and services. Plus, you have a profile where people can learn about you and your business. People dealing with a number of spams and unexpected emails and phone calls are more likely to turn someone off. They will be more comfortable to receive a message from you rather than an email or call. They will know that they are interacting with a real person.

One of the fastest paths to your next client!

Let’s face it, the entire world has turned digital. And LinkedIn is one of those digital platforms where one InMail can help businesses reach new clients and the response rates are higher than normal email, which means the potential is incredibly high for connecting and networking for people looking for business help and so much more. And almost all the sales reps and marketers of B2B companies rely on LinkedIn direct messaging to generate leads.

So the overall goal and objective of using LinkedIn by everyone are to build business relationships and connections that can help them move up in the success ladder. With this, your growth opportunities and revenue can increase exponentially.

A stronger platform for B2B targeting!

Generic searches might interest you, but when it comes to targeted searches platforms like Facebook fail the test. You might be thinking that there is no clear-cut way to search for employees or consumers who are decision-makers. On the contrary, when it comes to B2B businesses LinkedIn is the only platform that can offer a unique interface that allows users and businesses looking for leads to the next level.

Being a social media platform that is business-oriented, they offer users with many features that will allow the users to reach more audiences as well as perform in-depth searches as per location, position, and past and present employees of the companies, plus, also reach out to look-a-like audiences.

You can also consider going premium, where you can reach out to someone, not in your connection. That is direct messaging can be only sent to your connection to reach a wider audience you need an InMail.

Now over to you

When it comes to a typical B2B purchasing decision, LinkedIn is a major part of the process. Not only does it help to connect with other businesses it also offers a strong way to network with several different consumers without coming off as annoying and creepy. LinkedIn messaging is a tool that every sales rep should be leveraging along with an active profile and valuable content for people to see.


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