Mayur Rele – Is Photography good for a Career?


Mayur Rele, a talented photographer and videographer with years of experience across different photography works explores why photography is an awesome career choice.

Gone are the days when photography was only seen as a hobby. Advancements in technology and has turned it to be an exciting, promising, and rewarding career. The virtual world is vast, media, entertainment, fashion, and many other industries are booming. Hence, making a demand for photographers to be on the rise and competitive. However, there is no shortcut to becoming a professional photographer and it is not simply a click away as many think. It takes hard work, perseverance, and a matter of pursuing what you love to make it happen. If you are wondering if photography can be considered a good career option, you are in the right place. Journey with Mayur Rele as he walks you through reasons why being a photographer is a great career option.


There are many fields where photographers can operate

There are various career paths of photographers and the options are countless. You can decide to have your own business, work as a freelancer or for an already established company. This later can also attract other awesome perks and opportunities. From commercial to portrait to journalism, there are also different fields in which you can specialize in.


You get a chance to profit from your passion

While photography is just a  passion for you, there are opportunities to make money out of it. When people see your work and love it, they often want to work with you. Therefore, you get to be your own boss and set your own price while handling your bookings at the same time.


There is an increasing demand for quality photographers

For many decades, photographers are only used in conferences. In recent times, marketing companies are now on the lookout for quality photographers to capture perfect and quality images for their content. Likewise, printed magazines are now on the run to meet up with the digital magazines which are constantly producing astonishing visuals that leave people in awe. This has made them to always be on the lookout for quality photographers

You gain more exposures and opportunities

“As a photographer, every project often brings new clients to your doorstep. You get to meet new people and relate with them while being exposed to new and different environments.” Mayur Rele says. Every opportunity you have to meet different kinds of people helps to broaden your perspective about people and life in general.

You have better control of your schedules

Are you the type of person that loves to be in total control of what they do or do not like being boss around by someone? Photography might be an answer to your worry. Photography allows you to work on your own timing and at your convenient speed. Some days you might have loads of work all week while at times you can be free for the next couple of days. You also have the opportunity to decide on when and when not to work. Photography gives you the advantage to determine and be in charge of how you spend your days.


Photography creates a ground for learning

A  lot of learning, training, and hard work is often put in to become a professional photographer. “When you spend time practicing with total dedication, you start to know the perfect angle, the ideal light exposure,  and the perfect composition for every picture,” says Mayur Rele. You develop your editing skills which make your pictures stand out among others. The beginning might be tough, however, do not be discouraged because it only gets better each day.

Clients will buy into your vision and uniqueness

As a photographer, you have the opportunity to bring people into your world and inspire them. This in turn allows you to share your vision and people who are influenced and overwhelmed by its uniqueness buys it. Photography opens the door for you to express yourself and your perspective about many things that allow your client to buy your vision and share in your world.


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