Building Online Quizzes to Grow your Business in 2021

For many businesses, learning how to get new clients or patients without face-to-face interactions became a necessary skill during 2020. Insert internet marketing.
Internet marketing is a crowded space, especially in our mental health internet marketing space. One way to stand out is to do things many others aren’t doing. In this post, we will discuss creating online quizzes and how they can grow your business or practice.

Why Online Quizzes?

Online quizzes are a great way to show off your company’s expertise while bringing material in an educational and fun way. An online quiz can attract people who want answers to the expertise you and your company offer.
For a B2C example, if you’re an immigration lawyer, you may want to create a quiz that targets immigrants searching for the type of visa that makes the most sense for them.
For B2B, if you’re an Excel Consultant who needs to reach businesses with your Excel services, you could create a quiz for showing how efficient (or inefficient) one of their processes is.
Here are some reasons why an online quiz will benefit your business:
  • A quiz will position your company as experts
  • A quiz will drive quality visitors to your website
  • A quiz will generate new leads for your business
  • A quiz can genuinely help your target audience

How Do Online Quizzes Benefit My Company?

An online quiz, as we mentioned above will help answer questions your target customers have. You can also attach a form to the quiz that collects their information that you can use to contact them. These will no longer be “cold leads” but rather “warm leads” because they were on your site taking your quiz.

Quiz Examples:

You can create several different types of quizzes that drive quality patients to your website. Here are a few examples of online quizzes we built to target mental health conditions:

How to Build a Quiz?

Let’s review how to build your quiz step by step:

  1. Research topics that your patients are searching for
  2. Create questions that can help answer an outcome, like “do I have anxiety?”
  3. Assign a point value to each question
  4. Create ranges of scores that provide various outcomes to a patient’s responses
  5. Create a new webpage on your WordPress site
  6. Write about 500 to 1000 words of copy about the subject your quiz is on
  7. Create a quiz using the “Quiz and Survey Master” plugin
  8. In this plugin, make sure you set up a form to collect important information like name, phone number, and quiz for quiz takers to provide you
  9. Post this quiz on the page you created in step 5 above
  10. Publish this quiz and push it out to your audience via social media, emails, and SEO (which will take time to be pushed out by Google)

Building Your Quiz with WordPress

There are many ways to build an online quiz, but one of the easiest ways is through a WordPress plugin like “Quiz and Survey Master.” This plugin is a freemium plugin that allows you to do most things for free and with ease. A few great features:
  • You can create a variety of quiz types
  • You can create a grading system that has matching responses to each range of values
  • You can create a form that collects lead information (ex: first name, last name, email address)
  • You can create automated emails that are sent to quiz takers after they finish your quiz.

Getting Started on Your Quiz

Now it’s your turn. Whatever industry your business is in, you can benefit from an online quiz using the power of internet marketing to bring your customers to you. Building a quiz may take you 3 hours, but the long-term benefits your company will receive will more than justify the investment.
Happy quiz building!

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