Maintenance Practices to protect your Vacuum Cleaner from Potential Damage

Vacuum cleaner

If you have hands-on experience with vacuum cleaners, you must be aware that apart from cleaning your vacuum cleaner requires regular maintenance to avoid spoiling of dust and for effective cleaning. Besides, if you experience bad back pain and are tired of dragging the weighty vacuum cleaners, then do buy an upright vacuum cleaner. An upright vacuum cleaner does not require additional force in dragging the entire cleaners, moreover, it allows you to clean your home without draining your energy. Upright cleaners require standing push against the surface and do not cost much either. 

Also, you can check Dyson DC65, DC67 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Spares onsite, to repair your damaged vacuum cleaner. Below mentioned are some routine practices that you can follow to increase the durability of your vacuum cleaner without additional cost.

Paper Bag:

Some vacuum cleaners include an indicator that keeps notifying about the bag removal from time to time. But, on the manual side, you as the owner need to check the filling in the bag to make sure it does not cross the recommended filling line. Overfilling of the bag might suppress the contents of the bag and might affect the suction rate of the vacuum cleaner. 

Moreover, as more soil and dust will keep filling the bag there are chances that the sucked residue might spill all over your place and might not be considered as effective cleaning. As recommended, you must either plug a different paper bag in your vacuum cleaner or empty the previous one.

Exhaust Filter:

Vacuum filters come in a variety of disguises. This one specially purifies the sucked air and releases it back into the atmosphere. It is recommended if you have a damaged exhaust filter, then replace it with an exclusive HEPA filter or either get the pair repaired according to the manufacturer’s handbook. 

Note: HEPA filters cannot be washed like other exhaust filters. But, it does reward you with a sanitized clean home.

If you are looking for bag-less Dyson CY23 Cinetic Vacuum Cleaner Spares, then visit our online website. The kinetic vacuum cleaner is completely paperless and possesses a residue can that can be vitally cleaned manually.

Brush Roll/Agitator:

The brush roll is a major extension attached to the mouth of a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner comes with several attachments for different kinds of cleaning. A brush roller is a T-shaped roller that rolls on your carpet collecting all kinds of residue and immediately helps vacuum suck in all the dirt. These rollers specialize ineffective cleaning. Although, there can be instances when you find that the roller is not effectively cleaning due to the sticking out strings. Hair strings tend to roll out against the roller and might block the suction power. For more viable cleaning, try removing all the hair strings and bands from the roller or discard the roller, replacing it with a new one.

Besides, checking the roller after each session of cleaning, you can also check for the length of fibers sticking out twice 6 months. This practice will give you an idea of how often you should clean the rollers.

Motor Filter:

The motor filter is mainly attached to the vacuum cleaner for noise reduction and to filter out any stuck residue. For proper motor filter maintenance, it is advised to contact a professional to do the cleaning part. To promote intense cleaning, a motor filter must be removed and cleaned with soap and water. After air-drying the motor filter, it should be reattached again to the vacuum cleaner appliance. 

Belt Repair:

A belt is placed along with the roller in the vacuum cleaner. The belt helps the roller to rotate with the help of a motor. The retraction from the motor to the belt decides how intense cleaning it will be. For belt maintenance, check the belt for any wear and tear. If any, replace it with a new one as using the same old belt won’t do any good. And might break inside the vacuum itself damaging the whole vacuum system.

Motor Bearings:

If your vacuum radiates a noisy screeching sound when you switch it off, that is not a decent sign. It could imply that you need to get a new replacement for the motor bearings. The replacement of the bearing will depend on the vacuum name and model name. Do make sure to get your vacuum cleaner checked by an expert for any additional damage and adequate maintenance. 

Homeowners need to take care of their cleaning appliances to keep your house dust and infection-free. Intense dust particles if inhaled can cause harm to the individual respiratory system and can cause diseases like asthma.


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