Reasons to Buy a Property in Dubai

Expo Golf Villas 5 by Emaar

There are countless captivating buildings and sightseeing in Dubai. The engineers and designers have changed the sand dunes into green residential areas. Dubai offers a lot when it comes to peace, to lower crime rate, increase comfort and offer outstanding amenities. Over time, people from around the globe are settling in this magnificent city. Some of the great residential areas such as Expo Golf Villas 5 in Emaar South is making its mark in the UAE. Well before diving into the main reason to buy property in Dubai, let’s discuss all the salient features that Dubai offers.

Dubai has so much to offer to all the people around the globe. The investors have shown their great interest in buying properties in Dubai. This is the perfect time to invest in real estate sector of Dubai. Following are the reason why people have considered Dubai for their property investment:

  • Comfortable and peaceful lifestyle
  • Tax free income
  • Strategic location
  • High standard of living
  • All the amenities and facilities
  • Safety and security (zero crime rate)
  • Luxury villas, vast parks and stunning landmarks
  • Dubai which is the future of living.

Expo Golf Villas 5

Top reasons to buy a property in Expo Golf Villas 5 by Emaar is that no one can deny the captivating facilities that this residential area offers to its residents. The interested person or family can buy a villa with three to four bedrooms at an affordable rate. The neighborhood includes an 18-hole championship golf course, Al-Maktoum Airport and Expo 2020.

Now You Can Find Reasons to Buy Property in the Emaar South

  • Emaar projects are always kept well maintained. Roads and street lighting are also kept in top shape and these are the basic factors when it comes to buying and selling a property.
  • The areas around the Golf Villas are ideal for a long jog.
  • The place is great for socializing and networking.
  • Being close to nature is considered to be a great health benefit, as well as pleasing to the eye. Emaar always make its projects in an area where flora is abundant, with hundreds of varieties of trees, plants, shrubs and flowers.

Payment Plan for Expo Villas 5

Expo Golf Villas 5 is the perfect residential area with flexible payment plans. You can easily have the villas with the down payment of 5% and 5% of the payment within 30 days of the purchase. Almost everyone can afford such a small percentage of the payment. The monthly payment will be 1.5% from July 2019 to September 2024. You will not find such a flexible plan anywhere.

Styles of Villas in Expo Gold Villas Phase 5

  • Modern style
  • Contemporary style

All the houses and villas are in two styles, i.e., modern and contemporary style. It is because of the taste and choice of the people. For the modern design, you will see stunning villas built with modern styles. Modern style and outlook will be observed in modern style houses. Aside from the modern style, you have a contemporary style which is famous for its simplicity, sophistication and clean lines. There is a complete choice for your best homes and villas to buy.

How to Book?

The booking can be done by reaching out to the company or agent. They will ask you to fill a form first, and then an agent will reach you out for a complete understanding of your needs and pricing. The company will assist through all the agreement and deals terms. If it goes well, you will receive a confirmation email and complete update for registration and project status.

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