Shoppable UGC: What is it & How it can Drive Sales Successfully

Shoppable UGC

The biggest challenge for all brands, especially e-commerce businesses, is to make their potential customers switch to their products and, of course, to increase conversions and sales. 

While brands and businesses are always on the lookout for exploring new and innovative marketing strategies and techniques to gain the aforementioned benefits.

They often tend to ignore and not give much thought and attention to the content created by their users themselves. 

Yes, ever since social media has come into existence, brand users and loyal customers are often seen posting content while raving about a product or service while trying it out or while unboxing it and sharing their honest opinions and experiences with the brand. 

What Is Shoppable User-Generated Content? 

Simply put, Shoppable UGC is the content created by the users of a brand and can be in the form of photos, videos, and GIFs published on social media platforms. 

Such content works extremely well in driving sales since it is not sponsored or scripted by the brand and is the most genuine, authentic, and trustworthy form of content present online. 

Leveraging Shoppable UGC works extremely well in favor of both the brand and the shoppers as it tremendously helps in driving sales for the brands and gives major shopping inspiration to the shoppers! 

In the next section, we shall tell you about the main reasons why and how Shoppable User-Generated Content can successfully drive more sales in your brand. 

Reasons Why All Brands Need To Leverage Shoppable User-Generated Content To Drive Tremendous Sales–

The Most Unique & Authentic Form Of Content 

As mentioned above, since the users create the content, it makes Shoppable UGC extremely reliable, relatable, and real. 

Moreover, it comes naturally to social media users. If they like a product and connect well with your brand, they would surely highlight their experience using your brand and its products on their social media handles and probably spread the word about your business. 

Simplified Product Purchasing Decisions

The biggest challenge customers go through while making a product purchase is discovering products as per their preferences and needs. 

Another major concern that customers come across is whether the product would suit them or not. 

A professionally clicked photo with a fashion model and proper studio lights accompanied with editing may convince the customer to purchase the product that may, later on, lead to disappointment and loss of clientele. 

Shoppable UGC is raw, unfiltered, and untouched. It displays the color, style, and fabric of the product exactly as it is in reality.

And the customers get a better understanding of whether the product would suit them or not, and they would be able to decide on a product easier and quicker. 

Raises The Credibility Level

More than 85% of shoppers go through reviews, experiences, and testimonials of other customers before purchasing a product.

This is because one customer always trusts another customer much more than the brand’s published content. 

Displaying and utilizing UGC would compel your potential customers to trust your brand since they would start noticing your brand in a different way and light. 

Moreover, trust is the basis of any relationship, be it a customer-brand relationship as well, and without gaining the trust of your customers, there is no way that your potential customers will switch over to your brand. 

Save On Time, Efforts & Money 

When we asked brands about how they promote their brand products and services, the first thing they told us was by running ads on various social media platforms and by spending huge amounts of money to run campaigns. 

By incorporating Shoppable UGC as a part of your marketing strategy. You can easily save on your efforts since your customers are doing the job for you and save money since Shoppable UGC is unpaid and unsponsored. 

A satisfied customer can be the biggest boon for your brand. All you need to do is leverage the content created by them as a part of your marketing strategy. 

Closing Note 

If you are an e-commerce brand and are clueless about how to increase your sales, then we hope you have found the most appropriate, powerful, and result-driven solution. 

Shoppable UGC can seamlessly help you in driving sales, provided you use the content appropriately. 

Moreover, it is a brilliant strategy to increase user engagement, improve your brand presence, visibility and invite more revenues. 

Brands have become more conscious and widely adopt this method as an integral part of their marketing strategy. 

Now that you know all about Shoppable User-Generated Content and have all the reasons to utilize it go on, leverage it. and surpass all your competitors! 


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