Effective Social Media Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses


Starting a new business is a brave decision. But, if you’re brave enough to do so you know that social media ideas presence is essential to let it grow. Your business needs a digital presence to reach more audiences. Social media marketing is the new and easy way to market your newly launched business to the world without losing all your money. 

Here are some constructive ideas for your business to target a large audience in 2021.

Practical Social Media Ideas For Business In 2021

  • Follow The Trending Topics

Generate content that revolves around the hot topics of your niche. Your content must be up to date. You need to find relevant and exciting content that is trending in your industry. It shows how you have been keeping your brand updated with trending topics.

The topics that are trending on Twitter or Facebook can help you create topical content for your brand. You can schedule your posts on Facebook with the regular posting schedule but monitor the trending topics. If something exciting & relevant shows up, make it a part of your plan. But, try to avoid content that can create political debates or religious topics. 

  • Create Short Video Clips

Nowadays, people like to watch more instead of reading! If you will gain more followers, you need to make your video skills better.

Better video skills mean a higher organic reach.

Short videos will hint at your product or brand within a few seconds. Your videos must be so catchy and understandable that your viewer sticks to them till the end and ends up sharing them.

  • Video Tutorials

Tutorials are another level of learning. You can market your product by uploading a tutorial. Even if you have a small clothing brand, make a short video of the entire process from ordering to how they’ll receive it. If it’s a tool, tell them how to use it through a video tutorial. Show them some DIY ideas, cool hacks, or any other recipe that applies to your business. Your audience will not only save your post and view it on-repeat, but they might also share it with their friends!

  • Giveaway Time:

Ever heard of the famous tagline “Give to getting”?

Well, it is all about business deals. When you give favor to someone, you get something in return! Post a simple giveaway for your followers. Make it simpler and exciting for them. Ask the participants to like and comment on your last five social media posts. You can also ask them to engage in your recent posts by commenting on them. You can also make sure your participants have shared your posts on their walls by asking them to send you a screenshot for confirmation!

These giveaways bring a large audience to your brand. You can also target your customers with a Grand Worldwide giveaway. It will target more customers the way you want. And you can get excellent productive traffic for your brand.

After all, who does not love having gifts? 

  •  Social Media Takeover

Do you know 49% of purchasers choose what influencers recommend? It is as simple as, if someone sees his favorite influencer on your brand – supporting the brand or the cause, the fan will start following your brand too. Simple!

 A social media takeover is 24 hours or a days takeover of a business account by an influencer or a personality. It is a temporary takeover of a business by a third party. It’s not cheap, but it’s well worth it! It contributes to the audience’s enjoyment. It helps to raise brand awareness and allows you to get new customers.

  • Boost Your Posts

Time for Boosting – The powerful social media ideas to market your post to a vast audience. Boosting your post is another successful advertisement of your products from which you can target customers – bringing them to engage or generate sales through paid promotions. There are different social media marketing tools available that can help you with boosting your posts & measuring their impact. 

  • Go live!

Go live as much as you can.
Yes, you read it right!

Customers love seeing a face! Sometimes it gets boring to see similar marketing posts from a brand. Change your marketing tactics. Your customers will love to see you live! What you’re doing or going through right now. People want to interact more rather than just reading captions and seeing posts of your brand.

You can go live while working on your articles for your recent launch, or maybe while cooking any tasty food later to post the recipe on your online business food account. You can even have daily sessions at a fixed time discussing what’s going on.

  • Have a Q/A Session

You can conduct a Question/Answer session with your customers every week. These Q/A sessions can play an essential part in growing your reach. Customers love it when you give them importance and ask about their opinions. 

Many brands gain customers only by how they interact with them. 

  •  Feature Your Customers

You can also give your customers a spotlight to make them feel important. Your customers appreciate the way you treat them. Treat them well, and you will get good in return! Share their reviews on your social media and tag them.

  • Post a Meme

Learn how to use memes. Meme game is strong on Facebook pages, Pinterest and Twitter. A good meme means a lot of shares! It will not only engage your audience, but it will also be a merry laugh for them. There are always a few memes that trend for a few days. Use them with your brand voice. To capture an event or holiday on Pinterest to the most, use a Pinterest scheduling tool

  • Show Them Why They Should Choose You

The best way of branding is not to tell your customers why they should buy your product. Do not tell them what they should do. No one likes to be instructed what to do.

Instead, show your customers which product is suitable for them and why they should buy it from you. Show them the benefits of your products or the profit they can get by buying them. Show them how valuable your product is for them and what they’ll miss out on if they do not buy it from you.


Knowing how to market your product or brand is super important! If you do not know about it, you are indeed at a significant loss.

Suppose you want to increase your sales or market your brand. In that case, you need excellent communication skills and efficient management. Proper insights into your business account do wonders. If you know practical social media ideas for your business, you can reach heights within a short period!


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