5 Ways to Keep Your Startup Team’s Motivation High

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Startup culture has acquired a lot of glamour over recent years. Thanks to the massive success of startups like Facebook, Google, Uber, and countless others, a lot of the younger workforce in the United States is open to working in new startup firms. That’s because while corporations do offer stability and structure, startups offer more in the way of opportunities.

Startups often start out with a small, dedicated team, and the basic utilities needed to run a business. These may include local internet providers such as Spectrum in Florida, rented or purchased office equipment, floor space, and maybe a coffee machine. But as startups grow, so do their core teams. Which is why people join them. The trick is to keep your staff motivated during the growth phase, which is what this blog explores.

Ways to Keep Your Startup Team Motivated

Startups are fluid and dynamic organizations. That means workers will have a much broader and much richer range of experience than they would in a specialized role in a corporation. The fast-paced lifestyle attracts individuals who enjoy what they do and have a lot of potentials to offer to a budding business. Having a motivated and cohesive team is an essential ingredient for the continued success of any startup.

However, working in a startup does have a flipside too. There is no certainty or stability. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as rising inflation rates, or even a pandemic like we are going through, many workers become apprehensive. The lack of stability can have a big impact on your team’s motivation. Most startups don’t have enough financial reserves to weather extended cashflow problems or dropping profits. This may even prompt some workers to seek safer employment options, causing you to lose talented workers. However, there are several steps you can take to mitigate this risk and keep motivation levels in your startup as high as possible. They include the following:

  1. Create a Culture That Attracts Talent
  2. Maintain Frequent and Regular Communication
  3. Have Regular Team Lunches, Dinners, Or Drinks
  4. Keep Your Team Informed
  5. Make Your Team Buy Into Your Business Vision

Let’s examine these in more detail below.

Create a Culture That Attracts Talent

Workplace culture contributes directly to your employer brand. Meaning, the more welcoming, inclusive, and fun your workplace is, the better your reputation in the job market. This is likely to attract more talent to your startup because it will seem like a great place to work. At the same time, your existing team will buy into your employer brand, feeling pride and satisfaction at working in your firm.

Maintain Frequent and Regular Communication

Startups already have to contend with a lot of uncertainty and caution. Don’t add to it by keeping your cards close to your chest. One of the best ways to keep your team motivated is to maintain frequent and regular contact. Whether to give directions, feedback, constructive criticism or even appreciation, you need to touch base with your team regularly. This won’t just show them you care, boosting motivation, but will also let you find out where motivation is lacking.

Have Regular Team Lunches, Dinners, or Drinks

You aren’t the only one who needs to have a good relationship with your team. Individual team members must feel at ease around their colleagues to be able to perform efficiently and consistently. Holding regular team gatherings, such as scheduling a lunch, dinner, or even a night of drinks and bowling will build cohesion and teamwork among your employees. Holding the law off synergy to be true, the better your employees work together, the more output they generate. That’s not to mention that having a strong bond between team members is likely to motivate them to work together without unnecessary conflict or mistrust.

Keep Your Team Informed

When you’re a leader, you’re going to have to make decisions, sometimes even tough ones. However, that doesn’t mean you should exclude your team from things that affect them or the firm as a whole. Employees will appreciate being kept in the loop since it demonstrates your trust in them. Discussing key events or crucial decisions with your team will make them feel valued, boosting their motivation to get on board with your decision.

Make Your Team Buy into Your Business Vision

One of the best ways to ensure your team stays motivated is to ensure they believe in your business vision as much as you do. Keep repeating the ultimate goal your startup wants to achieve. Make your team buy into it by repeating it to themselves like a mantra. You’ll be surprised how the simple step of reinforcing your values and vision can have on your employees. They’ll be more likely to stick with you, even through difficult circumstances, because they believe in your vision as well. So whether they have to get on the Spectrum Help Number to negotiate a better deal, or accept a temporary pay cut, they’ll still retain their motivation. Ultimately, this will drive your business forward with a greater focus on the long-term outcome.


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