5 Effective tips to avoid Graduate Unemployment


A considerable number of students become graduate from high school every year and join the crowd of job seekers. Some meet their luck while some stay destined to struggle for a long time. Whatever is the reason, fewer jobs, a weak economy, the ultimate reality is, one needs money to survive. Career is a precious thing, and it needs to be backed with a good job.

Those who have just completed their graduation need to take some required steps. If they do not wish to join the ‘unemployed crowd’ and become a burden on their own lives, they need to work on some solutions.

Are you also a graduate and looking to earn on your own but have no job yet?

Here are the effective ways to avoid unemployment after you wear the tag of a graduate.

1. Do not surrender to procrastination

Doing things later is in human nature. You may postpone a weekend party, but if it is about a career, ‘on your toes’ is a better phrase to follow. The people around you keep saying that a good job will come soon or things will be fine soon. They are not wrong, but the fact is, time passes every day and every second. Neither you should get too careless nor should be a hopeless attitude should intrude.

Come in action as soon as possible after you get the status of a graduate. Enjoy life, watch T.V, go for parties but do not waste time. The dream job is not an everyday thing and may take time to arrive in your life; that is why it is a DREAM job. It is better to start working that may be of use in career. Freelancing, part-time, volunteering, interning, temping, etc. These small things do big miracles and create essential transferrable skills that help a lot in many streams.

Quick tips to avoid procrastination Avoid distractions

Work on productivity triggers

Give yourself deadlines

2. Join a new course to improve employability

The world out there needs talent, and it is necessary to carry some skills that can match you somewhere there. A suitable course is undoubtedly significant in gaining expertise in a particular field. From practical knowledge to information on industry trends, you can know everything. Certainly, taking out time for this is not difficult even if you are doing any part-time or freelance job. In fact, earning a few pennies on your own may help you get loans for unemployed that can be spent on the course. This is necessary to attain a better level of competency as there are many in the competition.

3. Job seeking should be your 9 to 5 job

Leave weekends, but on weekdays, search jobs as if it is also a kind of job. A bright future demands dedication and time. Search online, send applications, go for interviews. And most importantly, do not feel disappointed if failure in any job interview crosses your way. Life is BIG, and you have just started. There is so much to explore then why to mourn. Do you cry if you miss one metro at the metro station? NO, because the other one comes in a short while. Same is the case with the career, and there are countless jobs out there. If one goes, the others will come. Learn to move on and stay focused on the coming tomorrow.

4. Time for self-realisation, do not act in pressure

One important suggestion here is, never get in any sort of pressure or stress on what others are saying. Finally, your life is going to be your own responsibility. At that time, if something goes wrong, no one can help. People come and go. They will never say that they are responsible for something that happened wrong in your life.

Yes, always stay open for friendly suggestions and accept those that are actually and practically useful. Ask yourself and scrutinize what you can do and what is out of range. Focus on abilities and do things that relate your current capacity to future possibilities in the best possible manner.

5. Stay positive

This is not something practical, but this is vital to keep your attitude rational in every aspect. Imagine, is it possible to sound confident at the time of an interview when you are already feeling dull from the inside? No, it is not. In the initial stages of career, the right type of attitude is important.

A big part of the world is filled with the stories of depression of unemployed graduates. For sure, you do not want to join them. Stay productive, keep moving on as it gives the feel as if life is moving on. Some day, one day, your desires will turn into reality.


The above ways are practical and vital to be in the race and survive there during the infancy of your career. All the best, stay active, stay positive, and stay in the picture.


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