Which Packaging Finishing Options Should You Select for Your Brand?

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Have you ever tried to know what custom boxes are? If no then don’t worry. Through this post, you will come to know everything about custom packaging. Basically, custom boxes are a type of custom packaging which is specifically designed for different products according to the shape and size. That means, in order to enhance the overall look of the product, other companies select unique packaging options by which customers can easily get attracted.

In this competitive world where the first impression lasts forever, the business owners have only a few seconds to attract audience attention. All know that several products in the market are shelves fighting for consideration. In order to stand out from the crowd, the overall appearance of your product, including the way it is packed, matters a lot.

So, suppose you are manufacturing some products and looking for various packaging options to make the product appealing. In that case, this article will help you make the right decision keeping all the factors in mind by top product packaging design services.

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What is finishing?

Finishing of custom boxes is the process that involves applying one or more coatings to the surface before lamination. However, finished products offer a number of benefits to both the product and the company; it delivers texture and creates attractive custom shades for custom packaging.

Moreover, if you look at the options available in the market, you will be amazed. So, choose the one which best suits your product according to top product packaging design services. In order to make you understand this is a better way, let’s discuss some of the finishing styles from which you can choose your custom printed boxes.

  • Gloss finish

Gloss lamination is one of the famous choices for custom boxes and custom sleeves. It looks shiny, comes with a high color gamut. Apart from that, it also protects the design of the box from various damages while shipping.

But the thing is, the gloss finish needs extra care while handling because if it comes in contact with water, the color will peel off.

  • Raised ink

This is one of the custom printing techniques that enhances the overall appearance of custom boxes. It comes with a durable finish that is resistant to abrasion, tearing, and not the least scratching and moisture. This finish can be applied with any ink but make sure you make an initial inexpensive equipment investment before applying on your custom boxes.

  • Spot UV finish

Another best finishing option is Spot UV finish, in which a certain part of the packaging is applied with gloss elements, and the rest remains matte. So, if you want to offer a premium look to your product, then this option is one of the best.

  • Matte lamination

If you are looking for an option whose shade won’t fade away with time, matter lamination is the perfect option. Most companies opt for matter lamination for custom boxes and sleeves as it can be applied with any type of ink and doesn’t need any initial investment.

However, the best part is it is easy to maintain.

  • Spot varnish

Spot varnish is one of the practical options for custom boxes that comes with only one shade and is undoubtedly quite affordable than foil stamping. However, the product illustration pops while offering a surreal texture with a neat and glossy look.

But the thing which you have to keep about spot varnish is it only works well on paperboard.

  • Foil stamping

Foil stamping is used on custom boxes to offer them a reflective finish that enhances the product’s overall appearance, or you can say which stands out. Apart from that, this finish is highly durable because it has multiple layers, but it doesn’t work well if more than one shade is involved. If you do so, the box will look cheap instead of classy.

  • Soft-touch matte finish

This soft-touch matte finish offers the same visual effect as matter, but it is smooth to the touch. When you touch it, it will deliver a velvety feel which shouts sure it is premium. Overall, it offers a WOW effect to the package.

  • Letterpress printing

These days people are looking for vintage appeal. That’s why this option is becoming quite popular. But the main thing which you have to consider before choosing this finish is that it needs some expensive equipment. So, make sure to take care of upfront investment and another ongoing cost.

So, these are some finishing options you can consider for your product to look attractive and impressive. When you, as the owner of the company, are looking to create artwork for packaging, it is pretty daunting to make your product stand out. But these days, it is one of the essential factors that help the business grow within no time.

However, you can also take the help of top product packaging design services.

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