Things You Should Not Use On the Car Windscreen Directly


Cleaning the screen is one of the most important steps in maintaining and keeping them safe. But it is not always necessary that the cleaning methods you choose will bring better and more beneficial results. There are a few windscreen cleaning practices that are a must for you to avoid and let go of.

Continuing with these cleaning habits and practices will bring you nothing except damage. Dry cleaning the screen may be one of the prohibited cleaning practices, but there are several others on the list that are a must to avoid. Using certain cleaning agents and materials directly on the screen will somehow clean it, but they could also result in chips and cracks, making replacements obligatory.

Dig deeper into this article to get familiar with the list of things you should avoid using directly on the windscreen when cleaning it.

Top 6 Things You Must Avoid Using Directly on Windscreen

There are certain acidic and chemically enriched car cleaners that are on the market to help you clean your vehicles quickly. But these cleaners are not always the source of peace for you. Such cleaners turn out to be harsh on various car surfaces, and one of them is the windscreen. The direct contact of these cleaners with the windscreen results in a number of damages that becomes impossible to recover and repair. When such are the situations, you are only left with the choice of replacing the car screen.

Below is the list of things you should stop exposing your windscreens to while cleaning to ensure they are not damaged.

Paper towels

Many car owners widely use paper towels to clean the windscreen, but they have limited information on what these could do to your screen. These paper towels are of rough texture, which is why they could result in scratches and lines on the screen. These little scratches and lines then expand to bigger cracks making the screen replaceable. For many people, replacement windscreen location services are the ideal choice to deal with damaged screens expertly, timely, and affordably.

Ammonia cleaners

Ammonia is one of the most used elements in different car glass cleaners, and they have better results. Its cleaners are also cost-effective, which is why people tend to use these for cleaning purposes. But one must not use these directly onto the screen, especially when it is tinted. Direct contact with these ammonia cleaners with tinted screens could rip off the tint quickly, creating visibility issues. If the screen is not tinted, its direct implementation results in streaks blurring your vision and increasing safety issues.

Cleaners containing chemicals

There are certain types of chemicals that do not sit well with your vehicles, whether it be the screen or the paint of the car. There are a number of car cleaners that contain contagious chemicals raising the damage risks. It is always safe to avoid using cleaners that have a higher ratio of chemicals in them. You can opt for cleaners with a small number of acids and damaging chemicals in them.

Acidic soaps

Some people will opt for car cleaning soaps that may have a pH scale near to acidic. It is better to avoid using such acidic soaps and use the ones with little acidic nature. It is because acids are always damaging and may weaken the glass. Not only is the glass damaged due to overuse of these acidic soaps, but it also has unwanted effects on the car paint. All these damages caused are highly expensive and costly to recover, so better to use a cleaning soap that is not acidic.

White vinegar

One of the DIYs over the web to clean a car is the use of white vinegar. White vinegar is also acidic, and its direct contact with the screen could result in scratches and lines. It is always better to avoid opting for such DIY tips for cleaning purposes. Even if you still want to go with this method, then it is better to take the vinegar and water in equal proportions to lower the acid quantity.


Sponges seem to be the easiest and most effective tools and items to clean any type of glass, and people do not see any problem with them. But these sponges are not the ideal tool to clean the screen as they still go hard on them and result in sharp lines on the screen. The better alternative to these sponges is to use a soft fiber cloth for cleaning. Opt for these cleaning methods and hire the replacement windscreen experts if you want to replace your damaged screens expertly.

Do you want a windscreen replacement service?

If you have caused damage to the screen knowingly or unknowingly, then the only choice you have is to hire a professional. Stop depending upon your intuition and limited expertise and hire windscreen services to help you make quick and durable replacements.


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