Working Remotely Help Workers Yield High Productivity

randon Morris

Since the occurrence of the pandemic, offices and companies have forcefully embraced the idea of working remotely. Since working from home was embraced, there was this general fear that working from home might not be as productive as working at the office. Some are of the thought that working remotely will negatively affect productivity, which is not true based on the result of the post-pandemic.  

‘In recent research, it was discovered that it is more effective working from home once the tools needed for productivity are provided by the company’,Randon Morris remarked.

Randon Morris is a successful entrepreneur . It was also discovered that operational cost used at the office was reduced. Furthermore, studies show that the well-being of workers working from home improved greatly. As we all know that the health of your workers matters most, if this is not put into consideration, it may equally affect workers’ productivity.

Here are reasons shared by Randon Morris on how working remotely improves productivity 

Balanced work life

A balanced work-life makes your workers more flexible with their schedule. They make sure they complete the task from the office as fast as possible and once they are done with the assigned task, they can attend to other needs of theirs. Once they have it in the back of their mind that they have a job to do, they make sure the work is done as soon as possible, and this equally makes the office as a whole complete their tasks on time. But working at the office indicates that you have all the day to complete your task, and this may slow down the completion of work thereby leading to less productivity.

Less stressful commute

Workers working at the office need to commute to the office and face the stress of waking up as early as possible, facing traffic and trying to beat opening hours. This stress alone can affect workers psychologically and emotionally. Therefore, the productivity on such days can be very low. But remote workers do not have to face that stressful life; rather they choose to wake up as early as possible to get the task done for the day. With less stress, they get to work effectively; things get done on time and as a result yield great productivity.

Also with more time saved, those extra times can be used to relax, get extra sleep workouts or spend more time with family. This alone can help improve mental and physical health and these are great priorities to consider if you want productive work from your workers.

A healthier Employee

Working remotely promotes healthy life as working from home reduces stress. In addition to this, it improves the manager and coworker relationship, gets one to concentrate on hobbies and interests and also improves one’s personal relationship. Based on a conducted survey, it was discovered that in-office workers are less happy than remote workers. Overall, remote workers’ health is better as they can eat more healthy food; create time for exercise less exposure to illness and diseases. All this also contributes to great productivity at the office.

High performance and productivity

Working from home involves less distraction, reduced noise and makes one have more concentration. Less commuting to work also creates more time for your workers thereby leading to increased productivity.  Recent studies show that if workers are given workplace flexibility, there’s an increase in performance that later yields increased productivity.

Randon Morris says in-office work also has its advantages like mentoring, creative and innovative interactions and collaboration. But in-0ffice has its distractions also as it gives employers more control over and also flexibility.

A great opportunity to employ great talents

Remote work

Remote works enables you to widen your borders on employment. You not only employ great talent from your country, but you can also spread your wings across countries. This presents your company to the global world as you can employ great talent from all over the world. Once the necessary tools like the internet are provided, they can work from anywhere in the world. When various people of great talents work together, it yields greater productivity.  

Comfortable workspace

Another reason why remote work is more productive is the ability of workers to create a comfortable workspace for themselves. The freedom to also customize your workspace the way you want and also feel comfortable with. When you feel comfortable working in a particular place, there is the tendency of being more productive in such an environment. It can also help improve health as well.


Some employers still believe or are scared that their productivity will be affected negatively if their employees should keep working from home or remotely. But based on research that should not be something to worry about as working remotely can be as productive as working in the office. From research, it has been established that those working from home can improve performance as well as productivity. The flexibility that remote work provides to employees is an added advantage to being a more effective remote worker. Working from home provides a more comfortable working environment than working in the office and also helps to improve work-life balance, says Randon Morris.


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