7 Tips to Reduce Chronic Absenteeism and Improve Student Attendance

student attendance

As per the studies, student attendance plays an important role in the improvement of their performance and learning outcomes in the institute. Hence, they need to attend lectures and practical sessions at the institute.

Attendance management is one of the most important aspects of education in institutes. It requires daily efforts from the teachers to mark the attendance of every student individually and carry that data with them for years. This makes the process difficult for faculty members and consumes a lot of lecture time.

However, a biometric attendance system helps them to ease this process. Here are a few ways in which the biometric attendance system can help your educational institution

However, the institutes find it difficult to ensure high student attendance in the lectures. Hence, here are 7 steps for the institutes to reduce chronic absenteeism and improve student attendance.

Connect with Students Personally

The student’s experience in the classroom is a major factor that affects their interest in the classroom and leads to absenteeism in the institute. Several times teachers play an important role in helping students to be comfortable in class. The teacher should be friendly and fair with all the students so that they feel comfortable speaking their minds, asking questions, telling stories, and discussing ideas in the classroom.

Connecting personally with the students, building a rapport with them, and understanding every student’s background and ways of thinking can help the teachers to make the classroom a safe space for them. It will help the students to feel accepted and appreciated in the classroom.

Involve Parents

The involvement of parents in all the student activities that go on in the institute helps them understand their problems and enables them to help the students. It also keeps the students alert as their actions are being tracked by their parents and they are hesitant before bunking classes or misbehaving in the institute.

If the institute makes use of attendance management software it ensures that the parents get regular updates on students’ activities in the institute. If the student is absent from the class, the parents receive notifications and updates via SMS/email in real time. This encourages the students to attend classes and reduces absenteeism without genuine reasons.

Collect Student Feedback

The teachers should collect students’ feedback every semester or year to understand their experience of students in the classroom with a particular subject or teacher. This will help the teachers to understand problems faced by students in the classroom and can help them while going further in the syllabus.

Further, the teachers can make improvements in their teaching-learning methods and ways of interacting with students in the classroom. This helps to improve the institute’s learning outcome over some time. The teachers can make use of learning management software to conduct surveys, take student feedback and help them better.

Engaging Activities

The teachers can conduct fun and engaging activities in the classroom to make the students learn a few topics and subjects. This will help the students to learn with different methods, understand their interests, connect with peers, and enable easy learning methods.

This engaging activity includes debates, discussions, collaborations, working on projects, forming groups and completing assignments, and various other activities. This will help to break the monotony of learning where the teacher gives instructions to the students on several topics and subjects. It also helps the students to grow different skills such as public speaking, communication, networking, and others.

Implement Reward System

Implement a reward system for the students for small achievements such as having 100% attendance in the classroom or being present on important days, or not being consecutively absent for a long time.

This encourages the students who have put the effort in being present in school or college for all the days. Also, it inspires other students to be present in the institute and take attendance records seriously.

Effective Timetable Scheduling

Timetable scheduling can be conducted in such a way that the lectures do not become monotonous or continuous in the classroom. The scheduling should give time for the students to relax and find time to absorb information taught in the lectures on difficult subjects. Sandwich such lectures in between art lectures or sports sessions for efficient learning.

Track Attendance in Real-time

The online attendance software makes use of a biometric attendance system or RFID technology to track students’ presence in the classroom. It reduces faculty workload and helps them to focus on other important activities such as teaching-learning in the classroom.

Further, it gives regular report generation to the teachers and helps them to analyze students’ attendance.


The attendance management system helps the institute to collect attendance data in real-time and save up on the time for a lecture. The software makes use of a biometric attendance system that marks students’ presence using their fingerprints or retina. The software is easy to operate, highly accurate, and efficient in operations.


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