Myths About Indian Secondary Schools and Education System

Secondary schools

Most parents think that education is all about getting a good high-paying job. Somewhere, the thoughts have been drilled down from our childhood that getting a well-paying job means you have finally settled in life.

Education is more than getting those high-paying jobs, it’s the learning and knowledge that we gain that can be helpful as well as others to give back to the society of unprivileged people.

There are many such myths people have related to Indian schools and their education system, so here we have collated some myths that most of us think are true. However, in this article, we will debunk those myths and give you a clear picture of Indian Secondary schools in Abu Dhabi and their Education System.

Here are a few misconceptions about Indian Secondary schools in Abu Dhabi:

Myth – Indian Schools are not good enough

Facts:- One Should look for all the criteria to label Indian Schools as good or not.

This is a very common myth among people which is not at all true. Most of us prefer other International Schools over an India International School. However, one should look for all the criteria like curriculum, teaching methods, facilities, extracurricular activities, fees, results, reviews, etc that make a school the perfect institution for your child. And you will be surprised to know that most of the Indian International Schools are far better than other International Schools.

Myth – Indian Schools do not focus on practical learning

Facts:- Indian schools focus on Child’s overall development rather than acquiring textbook knowledge.

Most schools now focus on practical learning and many activities are conducted so that students understand concepts properly and keep them for a longer time. Indian  Secondary schools focus on holistic education, where learning is not restricted to the classroom. it believes in the personal development of each child and prepares them for life.

Myth – Grades are everything in life; Grades define your future.

Facts:- Indian schools believe that Grades don’t define you or your future; Your character does.

One should not evaluate or judge a student’s performance through their grades; they are far more than their grades. Grades aren’t a reflection of one’s intelligence or ability. Parents should encourage children to pursue their interests and passions and should take the pressure off holding high expectations from them. Remember, one should find the value in the process rather than the outcome.

Secondary Schools in Abu Dhabi adopt unique approaches to education rather than structured learning. Here, educators focus on developing a lifelong love for learning experiences that prepare students to be happy, balanced, productive, and innovative.

Myth – You cannot question Teachers; it’s considered as disrespecting them.

Facts:- Students can question teachers in Indian schools if they fail to understand topics or have doubts. Questioning is not disrespecting rather it is clearing doubts but it has to be done appropriately.

Most of us think that the habit of questioning is bad and so we should not support it. Indian Schools support asking questions so that the students remain engaged and more involved in the learning process.

Intriguing questions encourage students to ask questions, spark creativity, help them think deeply, and gain a more detailed understanding. It increases their scope of knowledge and boosts their self-confidence.

Myth – International universities do not accept Indian School students

Facts:- Indian Schools students are accepted worldwide in top universities.

Admission to International schools or Top Colleges or Universities does not depend on the criteria of Indian or International schools. It depends on the knowledge and learning of the students. The selection is done on a merit basis. Many students from Indian Secondary School in Abu Dhabi have got admissions to top universities Internationally.

Myth – Education means knowledge of various subjects

Facts:- Education means having overall knowledge; it’s not restricted to academic subjects

The world is completely changing at a rapid pace. The advancement of technology has completely transformed the way we learn, live or communicate. It is necessary to provide the knowledge and skills that would prepare them for the future rather than subjects that will be of no use practically. 

Education means providing students with crucial skills like critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, collaboration and leadership, etc that can help them in their life, and their career. 

Myth – Curriculum needs to be rigorous

Facts:- Curriculum need not have to be rigorous; it has to be meaningful 

Curriculum and Programme for the students are supposed to be a joyful experience where their physical and mental growth is sped up. The pressure of programs does not promote learning instead it creates fears and anxiety in students.

Myth – International schools are too expensive

Facts:- Many Indian International schools are affordable

Many factors should be looked for when it comes to education costs. For example, high-quality resources, top-notch facilities, highly qualified teachers, their teaching styles, and various extracurricular activities. 

Secondary Schools in Abu Dhabi is an Indian International school that provides top-notch quality education and other facilities at affordable fees and the return on education cost in terms of your child gaining knowledge is high.

Myth – More Homework means better Learning

Facts:- Learning is related to understanding; and not Homework

Homework is for students so that they can review their learning; however, if their concepts are clear they do not need to do it. Learning comes when it’s done through interest rather than just for the sake of it.

Myth – Expensive School means Better School

Facts:- All Expensive Schools are not better.

Many factors need to be considered as discussed above for the school to be the best; just being expensive doesn’t mean it’s better.

Myth – There is no need for Selecting Schools, all schools provide the same education.

Facts:- Selecting Schools is important as your child’s future depends on it

Choosing the right Indian school for your child requires a lot of research, school visits, etc. Your child’s higher education, career, or even the characteristics they develop is largely dependent on the schools and curriculum they study. So it is very important to select the right school.


Therefore, one should stress a holistic approach while educating their children in secondary schools in Abu Dhabi and should not have presumptive notions that Indian schools aren’t better than the other ones.


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