How B Town is Getting Affected by the Deadly COVID-19?

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By and by the COVID-19 pandemic all over the world, release dates have been postponed, cinemas have closed, production has come to a halt and film festivals have been canceled. How is the Bollywood industry going to recover, and how will it look when it emerges from this crisis?

For a few days, the auditions have completely gone digital. As per the recent Bollywood stories, the given lockdown period announced by the PM, it is likely to be this way forward till stage 3 ends.

From filmmakers reaching out to scriptwriters and actors to casting directors taking online auditions through conference calls online for script narrations and ideation – the problem goes on behind the scenes in the B-town. Particularly, the Bollywood actor’s daily life in COVID-19 time is greatly affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the fraction of occurrences of the new coronavirus rise in India, the Central, and state governments are operating to limit the extent of the infection. While institutions, colleges, and schools have been closed in a maximum of the areas and businesses have been recommended to choose work from home, several states and Union Territories have additionally dictated the cessation of cinema halls to evade mass meetings. As a consequence, the publicity of many movies has likewise been strained back. Furthermore, cinema performances and music/film festivals have further been delayed.

Even though the phantom of corona virus has inundated the international economy disrupting any plausible outgrowth estimations, the loss incurred by Bollywood in this lockdown duration is supposed to get the hardest punch of the virus.

Novel Corona virus crash has suspended the operations of various areas. Due to the accelerated expanse of COVID-19, the government has ordered the actors, directors, and producers from the film industry to stop shootings for a few days to control the extent of the disease. Due to this, several films’ releases, execution of family dramas, and web series’ have been kept on hold. Moreover, this is likely to directly affect the B-town after the lockdown.

Talking about the impacts of Coronavirus on the film industry, filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar, said, “To be frank, Bollywood turns out to be a pretty small segment of the globe. This turns out to be a world concern. I am more concerned about the poor man on the streets of Mumbai. I am concerned about the wayfarers who are marching home. I am glad that the Government has been helping them to reach their houses.”

According to the recent Bollywood news, the losses are due to postponing the announcement and releases of the upcoming movies or shooting about under-production movies, that could be within the limit of Rs 200-250 crore concerning the following two-three months. Movies, which are still to be released are likewise more responsive to vulnerable footfalls provided the growing tendency among audiences to avoid crowd engagements lest of getting with the disease. This is expected to affect box office incomes.

As per B town’s latest news, Rs 300 crore appears to hit the approx entire production cost concerning all Hindi movies releasing within March 13 and May end. The workshops are also supposed to pay an extra Rs 60 crore on marketing.

As per the leading producers of B-town, the value of capital concerning a Hindi film, that is confined to 12.5% of a Hindi film, might result in an instant aggregate decline of Rs 50-60 crore if films get postponed by two months. Overall they are highlighting a decline of nearly Rs 250 crore at the business level if one adds up the box-office slump from India.

Hence, this proves the celebs life in the lockdown is not in a favorable condition. They have been trying to stay engrossed in several activities in their daily life. Spending time with their families, cooking recipes, reciting poems, making social media videos and Youtube content has turned out to be very common for them in this crisis period.

The Anil Ambani-owned company, Reliance Entertainment, which possesses two prominent movies queued up – Akshay Kumar starrer cop-drama ‘Sooryavanshi’, including sports drama ‘83’ – is watching the condition firmly, responded Shibashish Sarkar, CEO, Reliance Entertainment. “We have gone through serious conversations with our associates Rohit Shetty and Kabir Khan regarding Sooryavanshi and 83, individually. There exists no information as of now to imply if there remains a decline in footfalls, however, we will demand a further informed proposal on the upcoming days regarding the release of Sooryavanshi.”

The disruption concerning the COVID 19 pandemic has moved the entire world and kept it on an unlimited standstill. By the lockdown increasing, celebs in India are not just getting concerned regarding the rising figures but growing impatient to stay at home for a longer period without work. However, as the rules propose, we need to follow social distancing till it’s in noxious to step outside.

Speaking about the impacts of the pandemic and the lockdown in common, actor Ayushmann Khurrana stated that Bollywood will certainly take a plunge in the long term. He talked of how the common man, yet after the lockdown gets over will remain cautious when it comes to going to public areas like movie halls and multiplexes. This will, in turn, hit box-office numbers and additionally the variety of movies that are being released.

He also talked of how he craves to be on sets, or working for group reports and jamming with the producer’s overtime. Ayushmann is presently relishing his lockdown period with his family. He has been making music, writing poems, and entertaining us to some surprisingly cool content seen on his social media pages.

Overall, the industry finds nothing could be done other than being optimistic about COVID-19 overcome and start a normal life. This is something that is inspiring the B-town celebs since the emergence of the pandemic situation. Recently, John Abraham has been seen reciting a poem that highlights how we all can overcome the situation. This how they are not just keeping themselves sane, but also inspiring the others in B-town to trust the Indian medical team.

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