Do Movie Reviews Even Matter Anymore?

Do Movie Reviews Even Matter Anymore

Movies, perhaps, are the most popular stream of artistic entertainment that is patronized and followed universally. And where there is art, there are bound to be critics of both kinds: one who has studied filmmaking and understands the various aspects that go into making movies, and the other, our everyday armchair critics, who accept or discard movie reviews based on their likes and dislikes.

A large percentage of audiences the world over have relied on movie reviews to decide which movie is worth going to the theaters for and which is not worth their time. Of course, individual tastes and preferences weigh in too when choosing to watch a movie. As per a survey in 2018, 43% of adults read movie reviews by professional film critics like Screendollars Pro, before going to the theater to watch a movie. With the opening up of multi-avenues due to the internet, the gap between audiences and access to information on movies and their favorite actors has reduced notably.

The significance and impact of movie reviews in the digital era have evolved with a wider reach. Instead of losing its relevance, as one might assume due to the proliferation of sources and critics, social media has made it possible for different kinds of audiences to access reviews easily.

Relevance of movie reviews in the digital era

Diverse platforms

The profession of movie critics has expanded its berth to accommodate new-age film critics. There is space for everyone, from the well-respected established critics whose reviews are published in national dailies and magazines to professional movie critics on popular digital platforms like Screendollars Pro to various sites made popular by user-generated reviews. So there is something for all ages of movie lovers and goers.

Influence of social media

One of the most significant changes to take the world by storm when it comes to communication is social media and its massive attraction and influence on people. This mode of communication has the power to transform how people discover and choose movies. Audiences’ or even individual reviews on various social media platforms play a major role in a film’s success or failure.

OTT or streaming platforms 

Streaming platforms have opened up a plethora of choices for the movie audience, with access to all genres, languages, and forms from across the world. But even with this smorgasbord of choices, movie reviews by trusted platforms like Screendollars Pro, IMDb, etc. still have the power to sway the audience’s choices. Discerning viewers often choose a movie based on its movie reviews by established critics.


In the age of aggressive marketing and promotions, even the actors participating in the promotional campaigns can at times undermine the value of movie reviews. A movie’s success or popularity is not ascertained solely by movie reviews, and pre-release advertising and promotions do have an impact on the audience’s perception and decisions.

Individual preferences 

Choosing which movie to spend time and money on is a matter of individual tastes, either for the genre or favorite actors, and movies with negative reviews might still appeal to the moviegoer based on their tastes, cultural impact, background, and emotional experiences. This is also true for the numerous fans and fan clubs, who can have a huge impact on a movie’s success. And then there are the culturally influenced brigade who subscribe to the ban culture if a well-reviewed movie does not align with their views and cultural or political leanings.

In conclusion

it will be safe to surmise that despite the many contenders and players in the field of movie reviewing and voices on various digital platforms, a well-written movie review by established and valued critics, available for reading in the Screendollars Pro account still matters to discerning moviegoers and movie lovers.

Another important reason why movie reviews still hold significance has been very well relayed by this quote from the historian and world-renowned movie critic Leonard Maltin: who thinks that a movie critic should remind people of a standard by which all films can be judged, without caring about absolutes.

He ascertains that reviewers ensure that mediocrity and repetition are checked, and the worst movies are identified, year by year. He further shares that independent-minded critics should strive to remind people that they shouldn’t expect anything less than a good movie, if not a great movie.


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