Top 7 Movies for You to Enjoy on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving movies

Thanksgiving is approaching! Our lifestyles become so hectic that it’s hard to plan and enjoy a holiday when it’s finally there. If you are not into planning extravagant holiday activities, you still can spend quality family time with a bunch of great movies. Being curled up on your favorite couch and enjoying roasted turkey with your family sounds perfect. And to serve as the cherry on the cake, watching an entertaining movie together will make it a time to cherish!

When it comes to the selection of movies for holidays, I usually rely on my subscription to one of the WOW TV packages. During holidays, I get lucky with HBO and AXN. They are usually airing blockbusters during the holiday season. But if you are not into the traditional TV experience, take advantage of this movie bucket list to stream and have a great time binge-watching!

The Blind Side (2009)

So in line with the Thanksgiving theme! Starring Michael Oher, who plays a homeless teen, the movie revolves around the bonding in families and friends. After his first dinner the Tuhoys, he feels completely welcomed and they eventually become his legal guardians. Later, they help him recognize his potential as a football player and a student.

You will end up appreciating your friends and family. A must-watch!

Free Birds (2013)

Looking for a family-friendly and perfect Turkey Day movie? Free Birds is the right pick. The plot revolves around the life-changing mission of the two birds. They are going to change history by traveling back in time. They go back to the year 1621 and that happens just before Thanksgiving. The mission: preventing all turkeys to become holiday dinners! You are going to fall in love with this animated comedy movie.

Anne of Green Gables: Fire and Dew (2018)

On Thanksgiving, can’t we always count on Anne Shirley! Anne comes to Charlottetown and while attending accelerated classes, she dreams to become a school teacher. She works tirelessly for it. she ends up feeling lost and faces many choices for the future. She experiences romance and tragedy like never before. A must-watch!


If you haven’t watched the Rocky series, you are missing out on a lot! The first movie was released in 1976, followed by five sequels. It is based on the journey of a boxing champion, Rocky Balboa, who began his journey from humble beginnings. The performance of Sylvester Stallone is unforgettable throughout the series. The movie takes you on an emotional journey and you end up rooting for Balboa in every single installment. If you are really in the mood to binge-watch the whole series, the last sequel came out in 2015, named Creed. The first movie features a Thanksgiving dinner scene that remains to be unforgettable.

I recently binge-watched the entire series with my family. Streaming movie after the movie was smooth with one of our WOW Internet plans. And the series is totally binge-worthy! I loved every bit of it, especially the epic performance of the Italian Stallion.

Home for the Holidays (1995)

This has to be a Thanksgiving classic! When the single mother, Holly Hunter is ditched by her teenaged daughter on Thanksgiving, she goes for a solo traveling experience to her childhood home. The bad start to Thanksgiving also starts with her getting fired from her job. In her hometown, she has an explosive holiday and dinner with her somewhat dysfunctional family. By the end of all this experience, our dear protagonist gains a brand new outlook on everything. A refreshing movie!

Turkey Hollow (2015)

Do you have a taste for horror movies? If yes, this is a must-watch. The movie begins with the Emmerson family heading to the picturesque town of Turkey Hollow. They are planning to visit their Aunty Cly. Annie and Tim get bored very quickly as they don’t have access to the internet there. They end up trying to track the famous Howling Hoodoo. He is an elusive monster and the locals dismiss him as a mere legend. Watch to figure out what happens next!

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973)

Based on Peanuts, a famous comic strip, this animated short film has won an Emmy. It is officially declared as the third most popular holiday special. It is aired in different countries on different channels every year.

All these are old but promising titles. We are looking forward to enjoying the best thanksgiving movies in 2020. Hoping that the directors get creative with Thanksgiving movies next year!


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