Tips and Advice to help you win the Eurojackpot


There are two popular lotteries in Europe: EuroMillions and EuroJackpot. While the former has been around for quite long now being launched in 2004, the latter was established only 7 years back in 2012. Currently, 18 European countries participate in this and the remaining players belonging to other countries and continents can participate in it online.

The first and foremost thing to do to win EuroJackpot is to participate in it. If you belong to any of the 18 participating European countries, then you can buy a physical ticket or else register on a secure online lottery portal and play online.

How to Play Eurojackpot?

In EuroJackpot, you have to choose five main numbers from numbers 1 to 50. Apart from that, you have to choose two extra numbers from 1 to 10.  To win the jackpot prize, all these seven numbers should match the drawn numbers. There are 1 in 95,344,200 chances that all your seven numbers will match with the drawn numbers and you will win the jackpot. These odds are much better than the jackpot winning odds in EuroMillions, which stands at 1 in 139,838,160.

However, you can still better these winning odds by following certain tips and tricks. These are:

Pick Your Own Playing Numbers

Though the numbers are drawn randomly, you don’t need to make your pick randomly. Instead, do some research on frequently drawn numbers by collecting data of past 50-100 draws. This will give you a fair idea of hot and cold numbers. Hot numbers are those that have appeared often in the draw and cold numbers are those that have not been picked in a while. Pick your numbers based on these hot and cold numbers. Don’t pick numbers based on important dates in your life, your favorite numbers or any arithmetic or numerical patterns. You will never find any draw where any particular mathematical sequence or consecutive numbers have come up in the draw. So, learn from the past draws and stay away from picking such numbers.

Buy More Tickets of Single Draw

Once you have done proper research and are ready with your number pick, you should focus on buying more tickets of a single draw instead of buying fewer tickets of more draws. This gets you better winning odds.

Play in a Lottery Pool

As you know now that the more the number of tickets you buy, the better are your winning odds, take a step further. Get together with a group of like-minded people and play together as a team pooling in your resources. This way, you can have more stakes at limited investment, thereby leading to much better winning odds than what you could have played alone, though your investment still remains the same.

Playing lottery is fun and it involves an element of luck to win it. However, it makes complete sense to think about this game logically along with relying on your luck and following some proven tips and tricks. This will only help in bettering your winning chances and there’s nothing wrong in having a better chance to win at EuroJackpot.


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