5 Hacks to Look Smarter in Every Outfit


For me deciding whether to buy dresses online or from the physical store is always hard. Most often, I prefer to visit the stores so that I can try things on before paying. However, at times, the outlets for a certain brand are not nearby so I resort to the ‘purchase online’ option.

Sometimes you HAVE to make an online purchase. But then you don’t like what you receive which is a huge disappointment. Not to mention a complete waste of time! If that happens to you, do not worry. There are ways you can style every outfit to give you a smart look.


In winters, you can hide the turtle neck that does not suit you well or your tummy bulging out of your sweater by using Cashmere shawls as a prop. It looks stylish while also serving your purpose. It is a great idea to invest in neutral colors of cashmere scarves or shawls. You can wear the scarf in various ways depending on what will go best with the outfit.

Remember that how you wrap around the scarf will also depend on what suits you. At times, a certain style looks good on one person while the same looks hideous on another individual.

In case you are confused about how to wear a cashmere scarf, click on the following link to learn the various ways.

Motorcycle Jacket

A motorcycle jacket can work well with almost every outfit. The only issue that you will face while purchasing one is the color that you want to buy it in. But that shouldn’t be a problem either if you decide to invest in neutral colors. Black or brown are always good options. However, maroon or burgundy doesn’t look that bad either.

After you purchase one or two motorcycle jackets, you will see just how easy your life becomes. You just have to wear a pair of jeans, and a basic shirt. Wear the motorcycle jacket on top and you are ready for a casual or a semi-formal hangout. It is that effortless.


Prominent stylists swear by the power of layering. If done in the right way, layers give you a smart and chic look. However, if done wrong, no one will be able to tell you apart from a couch potato. There are rules or you can say some kind of aesthetics that you need to bring to use when deciding on a ‘layering’ look.

Some of the things that you need to keep in mind include:

  • Not every layer should be of the same color. Use the power of contrast.
  • Opt for different textures
  • Add accessories

You can also search the Internet to look for the various ways in which you can layer your clothes and look gorgeous. Below is a link to a video that can be of immense help to you.

Wrong is Right

Footwear is a part of your clothing or your overall look. However, you do not have to choose the right footwear that will look the best with your outfit. Choose the opposite of what will go with an outfit. And you will look chic. For example, there is the latest trend of women wearing sneakers under their gowns. This style is comfortable apart from being unique and chic.

You should also try experimenting. Replace the sneakers with high heels when wearing under skinny jeans. Similarly, you can wear sneakers under your ballroom or prom gowns. Dare to be different. Apart from that, you can also replace the sandals with sneakers. You can make this look work for you in various ways. All you have to remember is that whatever you believe will NOT go with a certain outfit, is actually what WILL go with it.

Too Small with Too Big

If you own a crop top, you can wear it with your ball skirt. Or if you own an over-size T-shirt, you can pair it with shorts or a mini-skirt. The rule is to pair a very small piece of outfit with a big one. Not trying to compensate for the small size of one, but it looks chic. Because looking stylish is all about how well you play with proportion and contrast. The rule does not just apply to big and small but also hard with soft and maybe heavy with light.

For me, fusing eastern women outfits with western attire works too as I love ethnic wear. You should play around with your look in any way that you feel comfortable. In case, you need more tips, follow the leading stylists on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. That will help you a great deal as well.


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