Take A Break: 11 Fun Beaded Crafts That Aren’t Jewelry

beaded crafts

Beaded crafts and beads are awesome and beads are a crafter’s best friend. You can use them to make so many cool things, but sometimes your bead stash is just too big for jewelry projects. But don’t fret, there are some other ways you can use beads besides making wearable trinkets. It is always fascinating for DIYers to work with beads, but knowing how to use beads in a project can put it over the top. Here are 10 fun bead crafts that incorporate beads and do not fall into the jewelry category.

11 Brilliant Beaded Craft Ideas That Aren’t Jewelry and Are Fun to Work With–

1. Beaded Critters

Using nylon string and colorful beads is a great way to create cute, beaded critters. It is an easy craft for children and adults alike. 

When you are creating the lizard look for beads in the same color scheme so they all go together nicely. You can weave beads in different ways to create different designs. For the owl, it works a little differently because it looks like you are creating a bead necklace. To create one of these, you need dark beads and smaller beaded shapes for the eyes and beak. You can make them out of any bead colors you want and they will always turn out great.

2. Beaded Linen Twine Bookmark

This is another great beaded bookmark you can make that does not have to tie into your jewelry design. You can make it out of any colors you want, but a nice combo is to use one color for the beads and another color for the thread. When you are finished with it, you can also put a nice decorative stitch around it to finish it off. This will surely be useful when you are reading your book and help keep your place in the story.

3. Perler Bead Cup Covers

Perler beads are great for this project and you can use them in so many ways. They are colorful and fun. You get a lot for the price you pay and will have a lot of beaded crafts to make when you use Perler beads in your projects. This one is great because the kids can help with it. They can create their own little bead cup cover or even make several different ones to put around the house.

4. Beaded Wind Chimes

Beaded wind chimes are a great way to add a little extra sparkle to your garden. You can create the beading for the chimes by using different colors of beads. It is a great craft for kids so they can explore their artistic talent while learning how to make jewelry with beads. You can use any colors you want, but red or blue would look great on this project.

5. Beaded Bowls

You can use beads for different types of wall decoration. You can make beautiful bowls that are fun to look at. You can do this by using lots and lots of beads and the colors of your choice. You create a pattern on the outside of the bowl and once you finish, you have something you can use every day like a bowl.

6. Hanging Bead Balls

You can make hanging bead balls out of white glue or even water-based paint to add color to your wall décor. You will need to add some plastic beads or even glass beads to create the design you want. You can hang this in your window or on your bedroom wall and it will make everything look brighter.

7. Beaded Picture Frames

You can use beads for more than just their intended purpose when you are making a beaded frame. You can give it a new look by using different materials like wood, metal, or glass for the backing of the frame. You can use all different types of patterns to make a really interesting frame for your beaded picture.

8. Beaded Burlap And Napkin Ring

You can add a little color to your table setting by making a beaded napkin ring. You can get creative and use beads in different colors and arrange them in any design you want. This will allow you to create several different napkin rings so you can mix and match. If you want something more rustic, you might consider using leather or burlap instead of ribbons or cloth.

9. Beaded Keychains

This is a great craft for kids to create because it allows them to explore their artistic side and take some time to relax. You can use any beads you want, but do keep in mind that you have to thread them on your string as you work. The color combinations are endless and this idea can be used for so many different craft projects besides key chains.

10. Beaded Art

You can always make a unique piece of art by using beads as the centerpiece of your design. You can do this by creating an entire piece by using different colors and shapes. You can have fun with this and create something that will last for a long time.

11. Beaded Bottle Tags

You can use beads to make personalized bottle tags to give out at an event. You will need some large beads for your design and then you can have everyone include their name or initials on the back. This is a fun project that will give you a great sense of achievement when you are finished. You can find the tools and supplies to make this project at any craft store.

If you are going to start making awesome beaded crafts, you need to know how you can find the perfect beads. Well, quality is something you have to pay for when it comes to beads. There are lots of companies that offer inexpensive beads on the market, but the question is if they’re worth buying. You should get beads from verified sources such as Amazon, Dream Of Stones, eBay, etc. Most customers agree that spending a little bit more money on high-quality beads will save you money in the long run. Also, high-quality and bigger beads last longer than cheap ones do.


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