11 Ways to Wear Polka Dots

Wear Polka Dots

Polka dots dresses are capricious, feminine and cheerful. The fantasy of the dress should be the focal point of your look: the accessories should complement the dress. The right accessories will accentuate the femininity of the dress or break the monotony of fantasy with light touches of colour.

If we talk about a trend pattern, current, versatile and synonymous with elegance and femininity, we cannot talk about anything other than polka dot print. For some seasons now, the moles have sneaked into our lives stomping and hogging the windows of the main fashion brands, and this year, they have shown that they have arrived to stay!

Wear Polka Dots

Wear Polka Dots

This spring-summer does not miss the opportunity to get a garment with polka dots to be the queen of street style, so pay attention because today we bring you different looks with different Ways to Wear Polka Dots.

  • Look with polka dot shirt and how to combine it

If you fancy a smart casual look with a trendy touch, a polka dot top with a light ruffle in a timeless navy blue is a sure hit. Finish the look with white jeans and a mustard bag to create a look with the perfect dose of colour and neutrality. You can get a great discount on clothing Tjori coupons.

If you like to take risks, combine your white t-shirt with black polka dots with a burgundy leather midi skirt and your perfect jacket.

  • With jeans

So, One of the simplest and most effective ways to combine this kind of versatile print is with jeans. An ideal proposal for both day and night is the combination of this polka dot blouse with straight jeans from Levi’s and black strappy sandals. A look that is completed with a raffia bag with dots on the handle, belt with round wooden buckle and double collar in Zara ethnic style.

  • With a rocker point

Because, for people who dare to take the ‘polka dots’ to the extreme, one option is to wear a pair of lingerie style pants with Zara lace and a very colourful piece in red and black that can be worn with a top with a ‘halter’ neckline by Brownie and a black ‘biker’. As for accessories, a very comfortable option is these flat Massimo Dutti sandals and a Brownie crochet bag.

  • With a red touch

The most glamorous proposal comes from the hand of this black top with a ‘halter’ neckline from Zara and an extreme white skirt with black polka dots from Jacquemus that has the low fringed finish. So, a look that adds a touch of colour with this red Chloé leather bag, Cult Gaia earrings and ankle strap sandals and Mango high heels.

Black and white, the infallible duo

Black and white are one of those combinations that never fail and are timeless. This proposal, suitable for both day and night, mixes a linen top with Uterqüe moles print with a short 2 in 1 with Maje belt. So, a style that continues with this polka dot game with sandals attached to the ankle. The look is completed with a round bamboo handle bag and golden Zara flower earrings.

  • In a two-piece suit

If you want to wear a polka dress you can wear a two-piece suit. So, you may choose the upper or lower part with polka dots as per your choice

  • In a silk maxi skirt

silk maxi skirt with polka dots always gives elgent look. With silk maxi skirt one can choose a dark shade shirt.

  • In a pair of wide-leg pants combined with a graphic shirt

graphic shirt with wide-leg pants( have polka dots on it) is great combination for the summer wear

  • Elegant women’s polka dot shirt

The good thing about these shirts is that you can not only wear because it at a business dinner or an important meeting, but you can also even go out with them and combine it with clothes and accessories that allow you to show that elegance that every woman has. So, now you should not worry much about choosing the “perfect” shirt and a good combination and you get it. So, now you can apply for Fashion Designer Jobs to know about this field.

Try using brightly coloured accessories with a neutral-coloured dress. A black, white, gray or tan polka dot dress looks elegant with bright colour accessories. The recurring pattern of dots can make the accessories combine and wearing brilliantly coloured accessories makes them stand out. Mix patterns intelligently. Mixing patterns can divert attention from the outfit too much. However, if you mix patterns, make sure that one is radically larger or smaller than the polka dots on the dress


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