Top 10 Unique Street Foods in Singapore

street foods in singapore

We usually call Singapore an island nation or even a small city-state. It is one of the world’s tiniest nations. However, it has an incredibly rich heritage and culture alike. Singapore offers unmatched culinary excellence and diversity. It draws tourists from several corners of the globe. Those who are into adventure usually prefer Singapore. There is something here to attract every type of traveler.

It is one of the biggest Asian culinary hubs. You will fall in love with the street food here. Some of the most adventurous food options are also present! These include scorpions and even cockroaches! You can also feast on grasshoppers and frogs. There are snakes and other creatures on the plate. Street food in Singapore is also globally popular. Visitors prefer spending time on smaller Singapore trips. These are affordable choices and more comfortable in comparison to hotels. There are short-term rentals in Singapore for travelers. They offer comfortable units as per their specific budgets.

Have a Close View on 10 Best Street Foods that You Must Try in Singapore:

1. Frog Porridge

This procedure is a neat and tidy one. This is one of the most popular street foods in Singapore picks in the area. The frogs are neatly marinated in soy, wine, and spring onions. There is also spicy chili and ginger. The frog meat is tasty and ultra-sweet, along with being succulent. Few believe that it has a taste that is similar to chicken. The porridge is also light on the palate. The green onion sauce is also extremely delicious!

2. Bah Kut Tea

This is meat-bone tea and is credited to the Chinese Hokkien settlers. The dish is one of the topmost choices in the island nation. The legend goes that a poor cook prepared this meal, using whatever meager resources he possessed. The dish has a brown Tea-Esque appearance which is derived from the oolong. This helps in diluting the additional fat. There is a luxuriant herbal broth along with tasty pork ribs which are prepared for lengthy durations. Making the soup is difficult and requires ingredients like garlic, star anise, Dang Gui, cinnamon, cloves, and fennel for the right flavors. Some other ingredients include fried dough. This is also known as Youtiao. There are also mushrooms added to the mix at times, along with Tofu. The Teochew is the variant that has the highest popularity here. This is characterized by its distinct light hue. The original preparation has a taste that is on the saltier side, on account of the soy sauce, which is dark in color.

3. Sambal Stingray

This dish is called Ikan Bakar in Malay, or barbequed fish. The version of street foods in Singapore is the Sambal Stingray. The Malay community has the credit for using sambal sauce for the fish, transforming it into a special pick. The stingray fish comes neatly grilled in banana leaves, enabling the retention of the natural flavors. Sambal is a fusion of shrimp paste, spices, chili peppers, shallots, and other attractions like krill (fermented) and Calamansi juice.

4. Mud Crab

There are tempting mud crabs available in street foods in Singapore, including stir-fried and hard-shelled crabs with thick chili/tomato sauce, along with black pepper. Both these options are tempting and are a hit with tourists and locals alike.

5. Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese chicken rice will get anyone’s taste buds grooving. This is the unofficial signature dish of the island nation. Some even call it Singapore’s national dish. People usually prefer sampling this delicacy in multiple variants, as per their own needs. The rice is made with chicken stock and served fresh with soy, chili dip, and ginger sauce. Duck rice is also available in this style in some areas.

6. Durian

Durian is a tasty option for those living in Southeast Asia. This fruit has a strong flavor and smell, which is not for everyone. This comes with thick custard and a flavor akin to almonds, used in several desserts and beverages. You may try this amazing dish on the street foods in Singapore.

7. Chai Taokway and Oh-Luak

Both these delicacies are made with eggs. Oh-Luak is a tempting mixture of potato starch, oysters, eggs, shellfish, and more. You will also find versions without starch and these have a slightly lighter or thinner flavor. The dish is mostly served with chili vinegar in the island nation. Chai Taokway is an accompanying delight, comprising of seasoning, fried eggs, and radish cake alike. It is one of the choicest breakfast options during your stay in Singapore.

8. Red Snapper Head Curry

The fish head is used for crafting several delicious items across Southeast Asia. The curry originates from Bengal, although Singaporeans have innovated and transformed it into a Kerala-esque variety. They have added brinjals and Lady’s fingers into the mix for a scintillating taste. There is a crisp fish head that is served to customers while immersed in a lovely sauce. This is one of the biggest Singaporean delights that you will come across.

9. Curry Laska

Curry Laska is a signature Peranakan culinary delight. This fuses Malay and Chinese culinary influences in a tempting mix. This dish has a smooth and rich coconut sauce enfolding vermicelli noodles. There is a fried bean curd topping alongside. You will also enjoy feasting on the tempting slices of fish, shrimp, and cockles, creating a healthy yet tempting mixture.

10. Tau Hua

Tau Hua is a local Donhua (a dish that comes from China) version. This is a tempting item if you are in the mood for an appetizing dessert. You will love this sweet and tasty syrup crafted with the help of Gingko seeds and Pandan leaves alike.


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