The Best Thai Noodle Dishes to Enjoy in Thailand

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The Asians are so in love with noodles, their best dish after rice, especially the Thai. Its invention started in China four thousand years ago and went across all Asian countries. This invention helps the Thai produce their noodles called Thai noodles. The locals eat a lot of these noodles during their normal mealtimes. If you’re planning a vacation to Thailand, the first thing you should do is eat Thai noodles, as there are various Thai Noodle shops in every city.

Thai Noodles And Its Varieties

Thick noodles

It is appropriate to refer to this noodle as a “large rice noodle” because it is produced from rice flour and is thick. These noodles are easy to eat and have a smooth, soft texture. Thai cuisines like Phad See Lew, often known as “drunk noodles,” and Guay Tiew Naam can be prepared using these noodles.

Tiny rice noodles

Sen Lek, or tin-shaped rice noodles, are other names for tiny rice noodles. They make users have a satisfying eating experience because they are chewy and flexible. They complement a wide variety of different foods, and you can prepare spring rolls or use them in a broth among other things. The capability of this device to create both steamed and fried meals makes it the most intriguing feature.

Lean rice noodles

Lean rice noodles, or Sen Mee, are also made from rice and are popular in Thailand. This Thai noodle is little and really thin. It has less fat and calories in comparison to the tiny rice noodles. It pairs well with salads, noodle meals, and soups.

Twisted noodles

This is commonly used for quick noodles, They are curly and yellow in color. They are also referred to as ramen and can be found in dishes like stir-fried noodles and noodle soup. Usually, it is prepared in a wok with oil, meats, and vegetables. These noodles are perfect because they can be made quickly. Cup noodle curry is also made from twisted noodles.

Glass noodles

Other names for these noodles are bean noodles and mung bean noodles. They are created from mung bean flour. These light, convenient noodles are a favorite among consumers. These noodles are transparent, unlike their counterpart. These noodles are used in a variety of cuisines, including Chinese and Vietnamese.

Egg noodles

Not only do the Thai people enjoy egg noodles; the Japanese and the Chinese do as well. This particular sort of noodle is yellow because of the egg yolk. This particular variety of noodles offers a lot more protein than other varieties since it contains an egg.

Are you aware that all of the aforementioned Thai noodle varieties can be used to create a wide range of tasty meals? Therefore, the answer is yes. I’ll show you how to prepare a few tasty variations on Thai noodles.

Some Scrumptious Thai Noodles Dishes 

Yen Ta Fo

The appealing pink color is a major selling point for this sort of meal. If you’re wondering where the pink color came from, the answer lies in fermented bean paste. The dish’s acidic aroma is a safe sanctuary. Naturally, this recipe features a fermented red bean, and it’s a spicy one, along with some pork or chicken broth. It is topped with a variety of ingredients, including tofu, morning glories, jellyfish, and squid.

Khao Soi

This meal has been around for a long time and is mostly made in northern Thailand. It’s also called coconut curry noodles since it’s prepared with egg noodles and chicken, pork, curry, coconut milk, or beef. It is also served with chiles, veggies, pickled cabbage, lime, and other ingredients.

Kuai-Tiao Ruea

The appealing blend of sauces in this meal gives it a Thai flavor. Combinations such as red bean curd pickled, pork, beef, and dark soy sauce. In addition, it contains fried garlic, parsley, and bean sprouts. This Thai noodle is also referred to as boat noodles. Blood from cows is sometimes used as a thickening, along with spices and salt. These dishes may be prepared using thick noodles, egg noodles, or thin noodles.

Pad See Ew

This dish is called stirred-fried noodles. They are always served with thick noodles, a light soy sauce, and an egg. Also, they are combined with chicken, seafood, and shrimp. When this meal is made, it is topped with thinly sliced meats.

Final words

Thai noodles are among the best dishes in Asia and have been popular for a long time. These Thai noodles are mostly made of rice, with other ingredients like egg and bean noodles. Depending on your preferences, there are many different ways to make a Thai Noodle. We accept guest blogs with the comparable subject matter here.


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