Cakes and Fruits, A Mesmerizing Combo


Somewhere, “CAKE, ANYONE?” is uttered and the word “CAKE” enters through our ears and travels right up-to our forever busy brain. Our indigenous brain putting everything aside searches its brainternal database selects some colorful and delicious cakes and fruits images and prints in-front of our eyes. It is followed by an instant chemical reaction resulting in our mouth, watering like a leaking tank.

The cakes and Fruits is one of a kind of rare combo dessert that brings a smile on the lips of all ages, color, or form. The discovery of cake is dated back to the ancient Greek, who called it Plalkous. However, we Indians must owe to the British for introducing us to this wonderful dish. 

Today, the consumption of cake is not just restricted to celebrations of birthdays (Well, those were the good old’ days), but today is consumed for a celebration of any Happy Moments. Such frequent celebrations of tiny, happy moments have made this sweet and tasty stuff very famous and in demand like never before.

To cater to the rising demand, young entrepreneurs have started venturing into cake making profession, inventing and offering a varied range of this delicacy. Today, one would find plenty of cake shops that provide facilities with online cake delivery in Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, etc, be it major or minor cities and towns.

Cake making is an art, makers across the world have continuously been experimenting and creating a fusion of cakes and fruit, to suit everyone’s taste buds. One of the most successfully mesmerizing combos is to add a fruit or a dry fruit to the cake and change its personality. The end result is then baptized as a “FRUIT CAKE”. 

These cakes may contain cream or are without cream, may have pieces of fruits or just the flavor, depending on the choice of the consumer. Well, now that sounds interesting, isn’t it? Now let our brains scratch through its bar internal database for Fruit Cake, while we list down the best fruit cakes combo available at the cake shops in your town, that are ready to be grabbed and tasted.

 Pineapple cake:

A fruit that contains 13% carbohydrate, 86% Water, and 1% of protein and fats has its own fan following across the globe. Cake Not to mention the sweet and sour taste it possesses.

The pineapple cake is available in various forms depending on how creatively the flavor is utilized in the baking process. You may like pieces of pineapple in your cake or layer of pineapple syrup or simple chopped pieces garnished on top of it. 

Strawberry cake:

A strawberry reminds one, of that cute girl with shining features, tiny chin, and red lips that sums up to mesmerizing, irresistible beauty. It is also considered as a fruit of love in many cultures owing to its heart-like shape and sweet taste. 

In the baking culture, it is frequently used to enhance the flavor of the cream adds colorful texture to the cake. Strawberry cream topped over a vanilla-flavored bread is a combination that is mostly in demand across the globe. 

Planning for a romantic evening? A perfectly baked strawberry cake is your best bet to set the mood right!

Mango Cake:

A universally loved fruit, Mango, often nicknamed as the King of fruits is loved by every section of the society. The beauty of mango lies in the fact that it can blend with every possible dish, the human mind can imagine.

Be it a baked bread cake or a cool cheesecake, a dash of mango flavor in the cream or a layer of freshly chopped mango pieces can give chills to your body and soul alike!

Plum Cake:

We often, subconsciously hear the sound of jingle bells at the mention of Plum cakes. Baked with pieces of Plum, dry fruits, nuts, strongly supported with the flavor of cinnamon. This particular recipe is the most favorite Christmas season dessert. The preparation is lengthy one considering that the fruits are to be soaked in alcohol and dried before baking.

A plate full of plum cake accompanied by a glass of red or white wine is one hell of a combination. If you haven’t tried it yet, grab a fresh piece of a plum cake from the nearest baker and combine it with a glass of wine. Gather your friends and enjoy an evening worth remembering.

Mixed Fruit Cake:

If you are one of those, who like to enjoy a tiny bit of everything, or one of those fruit lovers who can’t single out one special fruit, the best option is to try a mixed fruit cake. 

Apart from being the most commonly prepared cake, it consists of a variety of pieces of fruits like Apple, Mango, Orange, Cherry, Strawberries, Kiwis among many others. Close your eyes to help yourself with a generous bite. As every random bite will be full of surprise with you experiencing a universe of flavors rolling up in your mouth.

There are many other cakes and fruits like Blue Berry, Banana, Orange, Cherry, Kiwi, etc that can be explored in cake shops in Pune. So good luck with your exploration, as you might get lucky to find a new mesmerizing combo of cakes and fruit.


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