Finest Food Trucks in America you should know About


Food, food is not just something eaten to fulfill the basic requirement. It is much more than we can imagine. We celebrate with food, we cry with food, wherever we go for out or vacation we definitely try out new food. It represents culture, traditions, and shows soul, love and hard work that have been put into it.

Food industry has grown a lot. This is the industry where every sort of food business always works if done right.  Hotels, restaurants, food trucks, food stalls, cafes, and whatnot. Due to the entertainment industry and social media people have been exposed to new, interesting, fascinating and unknown cuisines, which they really want to try out while visiting the related country or city and food trucks often provide the taste they are looking for.

One of the most popular food trends is a food truck. Food trucks supply food that is cheap, affordable, and full of exciting tastes as well. So, one can easily see the number of food trucks in places where people are in bulk, like, parks, beaches, and etc. Here are some of the finest and most popular food trucks in America that has huge lines and tons of food to sell on a daily basis.

The Halal Guys:

The halal guys started humbly in 1990 from a small halal hot dog cart on 53rd & 6th Avenue in New York City, selling the taste. Now they have chains of restaurants and trucks internationally as well. With five food trucks and restaurants in NYC they are doing incredibly fine in America. Their classic chicken and gyro over rice dish is immensely popular among the people of New York. They serve mouthwatering dishes with special white sauce and red sauce. Visit them for a serving and you’ll see a huge line front of their food cart.

The Taco Truck:

Think of the Mexican food and you’ll definitely think about the tacos enriched with spices and the hint of sweet with savory is what waters the mouth. The taco truck was launched in 2009 by the two owners Jason Scott and Chris Viola, who have spent their time in Mexico after their college era. There with the help of a chef, designed the menu and won the hearts of thousands of people. With traditional Mexican flavors, taco truck has the Al pastor taco, Aguacate tacos, and a barbacoa burrito on its menu. They are serving in NYC, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Roxy’s Grilled Cheese:

Are you living in Boston or MA and you are a die heart fan of grilled cheese, oozing out of your sandwiches entering through your mouth and falling into your soul and giving you a sense of cheesy pleasure? If yes, Roxy’s grilled cheese truck is for you. They have the most heavenly side dishes with grilled cheese sandwiches. Imagine yourself experiencing the cheesy bites with a fresh homemade roasted tomato soup. Then they also have the favorite of all the guacamole. Don’t forget to try it while you pay them the visit.

Beaver’s Coffee and Donut:

A hot coffee and a freshly made donut, crispy from the outside and soft and chewy from the inside is what the treat one should often give to himself, especially on the days, when it is cold and chilly, the warm treat will warm you from inside while exciting the taste buds. Beavers have the amazing varieties of milkshakes, coffee, and of course, donuts with flavorsome topping. You will the beavers in Chicago and Illinios.

Luke’s Lobster:

Are you a seafood lover? Have you visited Luke’s Lobster truck yet? If not, then what are you waiting for? Luke, the owner, started his lobster dream humbly from a village and worked hard enough and now he has 20 food trucks in around 11 cities, amazing right? If you are a New Yorker, then you are in luck because you can try the best lobster roll at the most reasonable price ever as he has 2 of his food trucks in NYC. The truck is not just selling lobster. It also has the tasty shrimps and crabs as well.Food that you must try.

Cinnamon Snail:

Not a meat lover? So you are a vegan trying to find a quality vegan food without breaking your wallet? Visit cinnamon snails. In 2010, the vegetarian food expert chef Adem sobel opened his cinnamon snail, a vegetarian food truck and is proudly serving the vegan food to the veggie lovers. He has the most tasteful sandwiches, burgers, Pasta bowls and many more things. He didn’t stop there; he also has the vegan desserts for you. Yes right, after you are done with the savory, you have the choice of more than 30 styles of donuts and pastries from his food truck. So, have a complete meal from a single truck that is vegan.


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