Turtle Chips – A New Snack Sensation in South Korea

Turtle Chips

South Korea is known for its wide range of tasty snacks, both sweet and savory. And let’s face it, when you’re indulging in a binge-watch session, a light and munchable snack is a must. That’s where Turtle Chips come in. These snacks burst onto the scene in South Korea and became an instant hit.

Officially known as Kkobuk Chip,” they got their catchy name because they look like little turtle shells. Each chip is crafted with four layers, perfectly resembling the shape of a turtle’s shell, making them irresistible and tempting to eat right away. Today, let’s dive deeper into the world of Turtle Chips and uncover why they became such a sensation in South Korea.

A Glimpse into Turtle Chips’ Fascinating History

Turtle Chips, created by Orion Confectionery, emerged in 2017 as a fresh addition to the snack market. The company, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, has become one of the top three food companies in the country. Orion, which dates back to 1956, produces a variety of treats such as pies, crackers, cookies, gum products, chocolates, candies, and the renowned Turtle Chip.

Over the years, Orion expanded its operations globally, with manufacturing facilities in China, Russia, Vietnam, India, and the United States. Interestingly, before focusing solely on confectionery, the company dabbled in the entertainment industry and owned an entertainment company called On-Media. However, they decided to sell it in 2010 to fully concentrate on their passion for creating delectable snacks.

Orion’s introduction to fame came in 1974 with the launch of their signature product, the Choco Pie. This scrumptious treat quickly captured hearts and taste buds, establishing Orion as an innovative brand with mouth-watering ideas in the snack food realm. With this success, they paved the way for further culinary delights, including the beloved Turtle Chips.

Turtle Chips: The Delicious Korean Snack

Turtle chips have quickly become a popular and tasty snack in Korea. They come in a range of flavors such as corn soup, cinnamon, shrimp, churros, and vanilla. If you’re tired of the same old snacks and want to try something new, turtle chips are a fantastic choice!

So, what exactly are turtle chips, also known as Kobuk chips? Well, in Korea, they are called Kobuk chips, which is a cute way of saying “turtle” in Korean. These chips got their name because they look just like a turtle shell.

Kobuk chips made their debut in April 2017 with the sweet cinnamon and corn soup flavors. Then, in February 2018, a shrimp flavor was added. The launch of the Chocolate Churros flavor in September 2020 made them an instant hit and a favorite snack of the year. The advertisement highlighted the fact that they are made with four layers, which not only gives them a fantastic crispy texture but also creates a satisfying crunch sound. And yes, those four layers really do resemble a turtle shell!

It’s interesting to note that Turtle Chips had a famous spokesperson: Psy, the South Korean singer renowned for his hit song “Gangnam Style”. He used to endorse these tasty snacks.

The packaging of turtle chips is eye-catching too. Each bag features a unique graphic design, much like a comic strip in a newspaper. It adds to the overall fun and appeal of the snack.

Originally made by the well-known Korean snack company Orion, turtle chips are now finding their way into more grocery stores in China, Japan, and even the United States. Their popularity is spreading, and it’s not hard to see why.

With their irresistible flavors and unique turtle shell-like shape, turtle chips offer a delightful snacking experience that is sure to satisfy your cravings. Give them a try and discover why they have become a favorite among snack enthusiasts both in Korea and beyond.

Turtle Chip Flavors Unveiled!

Creamy Corn Soup

The most loved variant, “Corn Soup,” gives you the delightful taste of creamy corn soup or buttery corn-on-the-cob. The flavor is subtly sweet, pleasantly surprising your taste buds.

Fresh Sweet Vanilla

Released in 2022, the sweet vanilla flavor is made with real vanilla extract. This delightful addition offers a gentle and sweet taste that will surely leave you satisfied.

Heavenly Chocolate Churros

The chocolate churros flavor blends rich chocolate with a pinch of cinnamon. Although Turtle Chip had gained popularity before, it soared to new heights with the introduction of this flavor. People couldn’t resist its delectable taste, leading to sold-out stores and high demand in second-hand markets.

Traditional Injeolmi

Injeolmi, a common taste in Korean snacks, is a treat you won’t want to miss. Inspired by the beloved Korean rice cake coated in soybean powder, Turtle Chip’s Sweet SoyBean flavor brings you the essence of Injeolmi. Immerse yourself in the authentic flavor of Korea with this unique snack.

Savory Shrimp

Made with authentic shrimp extract, the savory shrimp flavor packs a slightly spicy kick. Sadly, the shrimp flavor has been discontinued and is no longer available.

Savor the distinctive taste of Savory Shrimp, crafted with authentic shrimp extract and a hint of spice. Unfortunately, this unique flavor has been discontinued. Explore the mouth-watering range of Turtle Chip flavors to satisfy your taste buds with these exceptional and delicious options!

Subtle Cinnamon

With just the perfect touch of sweetness, the subtle cinnamon flavor of Turtle Chip is a true delight. According to an Orion official, this flavor faced discontinuation in early 2021 due to internal circumstances. The status of its availability remains uncertain.

Global Delights: Custom Extra Flavors from Different Countries!

Mexico Barbecue Turtle chips

In China, a flavor called ‘Mexico Barbecue Flavor’ was introduced. When you take a bite, it gives you a taste similar to cumin, an essential spice in Mexican cuisine. Chinese people adore cumin, especially when sprinkled over succulent lamb kebabs. It seems that cumin-flavored turtle chips were launched to cater to the Chinese population’s love for this unique spice.

Flamin’ lime Turtle chips

The fiery ‘Flamin’ Lime’ flavor, found in the United States, offers a tangy and mildly spicy experience. While it may not be considered hot for Koreans, American consumers will find it reminiscent of the distinct spiciness and sourness they crave. You can find it at Sam’s Club.

Final Words

Turtle Chips have become a sensation in South Korea due to their unique turtle shell-like shape and delicious flavors. With their expanding popularity and availability in other countries, these mouth-watering snacks are sure to satisfy the cravings of snack enthusiasts worldwide.


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