Wawa Menu: What It Has To Offer Customers

wawa menu

Wawa menu is the list of food you can find in the Wawa store, a store that originates in Pennsylvania. Wawa stores are located in the Northeastern part of the U.S., and they have more than one branch. Many people who have not visited the store are eager to know what this establishment has to offer. This is why we will focus on Wawa’s menu to let people know what they can order there.

About Wawa Store and the Wawa Menu available

History of Wawa Store

The founder of the Wawa store is George Wood, who was a Pennsylvania resident. While living in Wawa, Pennsylvania, the man established a plant to process milk there. However, the factory changed its operation when the milk delivery system was reduced greatly in 1960. What George did was open numerous storefronts that sell milk instead of doing house-to-house milk delivery. And ever since the change in operations, things were better for the business.

Furthermore, George started selling snacks and other drinks apart from milk to his customers. This led to a surge in the number of new and repeat customers, automatically leading to more sales. Customers were satisfied with the creative menu offered by Wawa.

Wawa’s continuous growth

Wawa as a brand has always made its customers its priority. Wawa provides top-notch customer service, excellent food and drinks, and an ambient atmosphere. It is no wonder why Wawa has continued to boom since it was established. What’s more, there is the Wawa menu that includes specials to surprise the customers.

Currently, Wawa has several stores that sell millions of hoagies that are customizable annually. Also, there is a special secret Wawa menu that only appears for a specific period every year. Only those who often patronize Wawa know how special the menu is. The special menu has a wide range of delicious snacks and drinks often not included in the normal Wawa menu.

To know when the specials are available, you need to know how to special order for them.

Here are a few ordering tricks to get you creative special food and drinks at Wawa.

Ordering Tricks for Wawa Menu

Bagels in Rainbow Colors

For half a decade now, rainbow bagels have been quite popular among food lovers. Therefore, many snacks and dessert shops jumped on the bandwagon and put rainbow bagels on their menus. Wawa was not left out and added rainbow-colored bagels to its menu. This was also to mark the founding day of the store. Thus, on every Wawa anniversary, the store makes rainbow bagels. So if you are lucky to be there during Wawa’s anniversary celebration, order a rainbow bagel.

How to order a rainbow bagel

  • All Wawa’s stores have a touchscreen kiosk you can use to order snacks like rainbow bagels.
  • When you press the screen, it will light up and show you some words.
  • Go to the bottom left page and click on Wawa goose.
  • After selecting, you will see a page that will reveal different secret menus available for the day.

Lemonades in different colors

Are you fond of colorful lemonades? Then look no further, just walk into Wawa today and buy one. Bright lemonades are typical Wawa menu items you will find in the store. Wawa’s lemonades are deliciously made and refresh the throat and body. The juice is good for drinking, especially on warm days. No customer has ever drunk Wawa’s lemonade and made a complaint.

The taste of Wawa’s Lemonade

Wawa’s lemonades have tangy, but sweet tastes. If you wish to use lemonade as a celebratory drink, select the punch lemonade from the special menus. This is because punch lemonade is part of the secret menu at Wawa.

Wawa lemonade also comes in different bright colors. While the ingredients present inside are purified water, artificial flavors and colors, lemon juice, and sugar. But despite the presence of artificial flavors and colors, the scent and taste of lemon inside the drink are strong.

Cake, Smoothie, and Milkshake (for birthdays)

There are mouthwatering delicious drinks and desserts for customers. You can even order them in bulk or small quantities for celebrations like birthdays.

Wawa launched these items and discretely promoted them to their customers. But Wawa’s customers can also order the items on normal days by clicking on the secret menu on the touchscreen. Additionally, these edibles are part of the snacks and drinks available on Wawa’s anniversary.

Milkshakes (for birthdays) have more than one topping. The shakes also have a cookie taste (vanilla) that lingers on the taste buds.


This is a Wawa initiative that lets customers order any drink, no matter how expensive, for less than two dollars. Customers can order milkshakes, hot and cold drinks, and so on. The first Siptopia event was a success, and several customers wanted the event again. Therefore, Wawa satisfied its customers’ requests by continuing the discount event.

To order cheaper drinks during this period, just use the Wawa kiosk application on your mobile device.

Coffee (reserve)

Coffee lovers often go to Wawa to buy coffee. Some even go two times a day just to have a taste of Wawa’s coffee.

In 2019, Reserve Coffee a Wawa’s new menu items came into being. Wawa’s new coffee drink is organic and certified. Experts roasted these Guatemala coffee beans to a medium roast. Then they use the beans to make coffee. Coffee made from these beans is smooth, with a jasmine and orange blossom-like scent. In addition, the coffee also tastes like chocolate (dark), and honey.

Although this is not Wawa’s first time brewing a reserve coffee for customers, nor will it be the last. Each coffee brewed is a testament to the high-quality services provided by Wawa.


Finally, to find the secret menu of the Wawa Store, go to any Wawa store near you and use their kiosk. It is easy to find any special menu for the day or week listed there. You can also find the Wawa menu on Wawa mobile apps on your device. This includes baked goods, beverages, snacks, food and drink combo, and so on.

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