5 Rules to Stay Healthy and Young all the Time

healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle – a very abstract concept. Someone under a healthy lifestyle means professional sport, someone depleting the body’s diet, and someone even believes that “moderate drinking” is a sign of a healthy lifestyle. What is a healthy lifestyle? What are the five basic rules for a healthy lifestyle?

  • Positive thinking
  • Proper nutrition
  • Healthy sleep
  • Physical exercise
  • Creative activity

Let’s try to consider these five basic rules of a healthy lifestyle and understand the reasons why the presence of all five aspects is important for gaining health – physical and mental.

Positive thinking

Many of us have heard the phrase that “all diseases are from nerves.” However, few people think at that moment when they cultivate various negative emotions and conditions. However, in vain. Choosing between the Indica and Sativa could be a tough decision but taking the decision with the right mindset will be better here. The assertion that all illnesses come from negative thoughts and a negative way of thinking is not an exaggeration at all, but a harsh reality.

There is such a direction in science as psychosomatics. Therefore, from the point of view of psychosomatics, any physical illness has a root in inharmonious relations with the outside world and negative thinking.

You can, of course, be skeptical of such statements, but many experiments confirm the strength of a person has thought, which can both kill and resurrect. Scientists from the well-known organization Anaerobe carried out experiments in this area. For example, the simplest of them is that in front of the subject, a coin was heated on fire. Then the man was blindfolded and put on his hand – another coin, cold. Also, what do you think? A burn from … a cold coin remained on the subject’s arm.

Proper nutrition

The second important point is proper nutrition. Hundreds of books have already been written about him, and often contradict each other. One can argue endlessly about whether a person is a predator or not, where to get the notorious protein on vegetarianism, whether a raw food diet is a natural diet, leading to immortality or real suicide – how many people, so many opinions. Also, most importantly, everyone has their own experience, raw food helped someone get rid of oncology, and someone on this type of food lost his teeth. Therefore, I recall Einstein’s quote: “Everything is relative.”

That is why a healthy lifestyle should have a higher goal. Also, this goal may be some creative activity for the benefit of others. This can be creativity, science, the dissemination of useful knowledge, and so on, that is, everything that can change the lives of people around for the better.

Healthy sleep

The most important thing to mention here is sleep time. Now it’s very popular to stay up late on the Internet, and “sleep off” on weekends, but, alas, it doesn’t restore the body in any way, because the main hormones that are necessary for a normal life are produced from 8-9 pm to 5 pm. However, the important point is that this happens on the condition that the person is sleeping at this time. Otherwise, these hormones are deficient, the nervous system begins to wear out, and insomnia sets in, neurosis, as a result, illnesses and rapid aging of the body.

Physical exercise

“Movement is life,” says one popular slogan, and this is actually so. Progress in science and technology has simplified our lives too much, and we have completely stopped moving. Nobody calls to drop everything and go into the forest, but adding physical activity to your life will not be superfluous.

It is important to understand the difference between physical education and sports. As the Soviet proverb says: “Physical education heals, sports cripples.” That is right. The sport of high achievements is, as one famous writer wrote: “War, minus killing”. However, physical education or the practice of hatha yoga in the morning will allow you to stay awake and young for many years.

Creative activity

This item is the last one. However, not because it is the least important, but rather the other way around, it is a kind of peak of the rock that we climb, so to speak, the quintessence of the healthiest way of life. After all, agree that any action should have a goal. The goal of a healthy lifestyle is to be healthy, but the question arises – why?

One way or another, we are all mortal and it turns out that achieving a state of health to be healthy justifies the very humorous proverb that whoever leads a healthy lifestyle will “die healthy”. Therefore, it turns out – if health has become our highest goal, then we must face the truth – we set ourselves the goal of “die healthy.”


However, one can compete for not only who will throw someone through the thigh on the tatami, but the noblest competition is also a competition in altruism, wisdom, compassion, creative activity. And for the sake of this man is moving along the path of a healthy lifestyle – to be effective and useful to this world.

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