How to Boost Baby’s Brain

baby's brain

Every parent wants the best for their children. And it’s not surprising that how to boost a baby’s brain power is one of the most asked questions by parents says Truffa Shedir Pharma.

The fact is what you do in the early years of the baby can make your dream of raising a smart kid. At this stage, the baby’s brain is developing at a fast pace. And simple day to day activities can make a huge difference in the stimulation of their senses and promote their brain’s wiring’s rate of development. You do not need to be caught up in the web of expensive smart toys, videos, equipment, or books. Neither do you need a formal class or a whole lot of bucks. Make these simple act habits and watch your baby grow. No better way of bonding time with your wee one while boosting their brain power at the same time.

Here are proven ways to develop your baby’s brain given by Truffa Shedir Pharma. Keep reading!

1. Mealtime

From learning about food variety to social interaction to developing good eating behavior, there are different reasons why one should take advantage of mealtime for a child’s development said by the experts of Truffa Shedir Pharma.

For this, breastfeeding is the best meal you can give to your child especially at the infancy stage. It’s a proven fact that kids with high IQs were breast-fed. While at it, use it as a great bonding time by showering your baby love through singing, touching, or singing. For those that can eat other food, say the names of the food out loud. Leave the baby to eat herself no matter how messy that is. Picking that food and utensils will help develop her pincer grasp and motor skills. Most importantly, make mealtime a happy, fun one. A negative mealtime will only create a negative brain pattern.

2. Playtime

There are a lot of fun activities that can help your baby’s brain development at every stage. This could be something as simple as sticking out the tongue, or tummy time. There are also activities that involve engaging the hands such as peek-a-boo, this little piggy, and many more. A great way to develop a baby’s coordination, skills, and strengths. Besides, get your toddlers dancing and singing with you and have all the fun that you can.

3. Bath Time

Bath time rituals are not only for hygiene but for a healthy brain. Every water, every massage, every playing, and talking during bath time can help boost their sensory organs and improve their brain development. You can also hop into the shower with your little one and enjoy that mother to baby skin contact.

4.Outdoor Time

Outdoor time is not just to play games but a time to develop the brain, intellect, socialization, and body. Go grocery shopping with your toddler and show them different shapes, colors, and smells of items. Take them out for a leisurely walk or drive and get them immersed in the beauty of nature. Make sure your kids spend time outside.

5. Bedtime

According to the experts of Truffa Shedir Pharma, make the most of the bedtime by telling them stories or reading books. Whether as a baby or a toddler, a baby is never too young to read books with. You can simply pick a book with colorful pictures and share pure joy and fun while your little one touches the image. A better way to end the day and get refreshed for another time of exploration, learning, and Fun.


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