All Need To Know About Insulated Thermal Bags

thermal bags

The concept of portable coolers has been around for a long time; the coolers were in the form of an ice chest, big and clunky. There were from metal with Styrofoam and also double layered, hence very heavy. The one’s today are much lighter, made from plastic, and have the same or better cooling property. The cooler bags or thermal bags available these days are not rigid like the earlier ones since they from flexible fabric.

These thermal bags are now commercially available in the form of many different products like insulated lunch bags, laminated thermal bags, insulated ultrasonic thermal bags, quilted thermal bags, reusable pizza bags, and more.

What is a thermal bag?

A thermal bag is a flexible container that maintains a constant temperature and is useful to keep products fresh, cold, or hot. In addition to maintaining the temperature of the food, it is also useful to transport medical vaccines, delivering hot food like pizza. It is also useful for groceries and frozen products.

Types of thermal bags

There are many types of such thermal bags as per this list here:

  • Thermal Shopping bags:A shopping bag of this kind can keep food products cold; this is especially for groceries and frozen foods.
  • Insulated Lunch bags: These are small portable bags that can keep the lunch either cold or hot for up to 3 hours. This is a durable bag that may even have a zipper on top to help retain the temperature of the bag contents. It is a perfect size for use in offices hence no additional food heating is necessary at lunchtime.
  • Medical bags: A thermal bag is useful as a pharmaceutical bag and has a special design that allows one to transport temperature-sensitive medicines to protect from high temperatures. These bags are also useful to transport vaccines and sensitive biological substances.
  • Thermal backpack: As the name suggests, this too is a thermal bag capable of keeping items cool or hot, and is in the shape of a backpack suitable for carrying on a 2 wheeler.
  • Car thermal bag: This too is a bag that can keep the items either cold or warm while being transported in a car.
  • Pizza Bag: A pizza bag too has a special design to keep pizza warm while being transported by the pizza delivery people.

Main Features of this bag

  • It is a hygienic method of transporting food
  • This type of bag is from food grade material
  • It is possible to keep items cold for a long duration with the option of using ice packs
  • Can be useful in the freezer too
  • It is a flexible bag and hence there is a benefit of utilizing full space
  • It is dust and waterproof
  • It is handy and easy to carry outside for lunch or a picnic

Applications of a Thermal Bags

There are many applications for this:

  • Store processed food
  • Transport frozen food
  • Transport ice creams, cold drinks, wine, beer, and more
  • Picnic bag to take food
  • Purpose of daily lunch
  • Dairy products
  • Medical bags

Benefits of using Insulated thermal bags

  • All hot food remains hot for long. Hence, if one orders food from a restaurant, delivery people can make use of such bags to keep any food packets hot.
  • One can maintain the temperature of any food items in insulated thermal bags, to maintain the taste and freshness of their timely food.
  • Transporting food for a long distance and keeping it good depends on the weather. This applies to both hold and cold products. Using this type of bag keeps them safe.
  • It is useful while transporting groceries especially frozen products.

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