Know Everything about Adult Circumcision Surgery Before Having One

adult circumcision surgery

There are many things in the world that makes everyone afraid. People have fear of several medical procedures but one fear that is taken out the worst in individuals is the fear of operations. The term used for this fear is Tomophobia.

Understanding adult circumcision surgery

But there are many ways by which you can overcome the fear. One way is to understand everything about the surgical procedure you will be going through. Like, in this case, the adult circumcision surgery.

It is the simple process of removing the extra foreskin on the tip of the penis to make it visible. There are several methods and tools that you can choose from to make the procedure painless and bloodless.

Why people have Surgery?

You have to be very sure as to why you are going through the circumcision surgery. There are mainly three most important reasons for people to undergo the operation.

  1. If you are going to become a part of a religious community like the Jews or Muslims; then it is an obligation that you have it as it is essential in the religion.

  2. Several cultures around the world mostly in Africa; the male members undergo this practice because to test their masculinity. They do it to prove that they are brave and can bear the hardships of the world.

  3. The men who don’t belong to any religious or cultural group have a different reason for circumcision. There are many medical conditions that can be prevented if a small part of the skin on the penis is removed.

Benefits of the Surgery by circumcision doctor

In the past people have less knowledge about the benefits of circumcision surgery; but as science progressed the world knew the perk. The benefits are not only for the external organ but also for many internal issues are resolved.

  1. The foreskin of the penis can experience three kinds of problems that can be solved by circumcision according to circumcision doctor.

  2. Phimosis
  3. Paraphimosis
  4. Balanitis
  5. There are many diseases and infections that can be transmitted through different sexual activities. But the men who are circumcised are at lower risk of spreading it to others and themselves.

  6. After having the surgery at a clinic like Circumcision Center men have reported less problem of Unitary Tract Infection as compared to others who didn’t have the surgery.

  7. As the skin is fully covering the penis it becomes difficult to thoroughly clean it. This develops infections which irritate the penis. But when men are circumcised; infections and inflammations are reduced.

  8. A big misinterpretation of the fact that a circumcised penis is very difficult to clean; as the head is exposed you can be well aware whether it is clean or not.

  9. Both men and women can get cancer if the penis is not circumcised. In women, cancer can be transferred through sexual activities and men can have it when infections increase uncontrollably.

There are also Complications

Every surgical procedure has complications but you don’t have to worry because you experience it during and after every surgery. The problem begins when it exceeds more than it should.

  1. If you are noticing some amount of bleeding during the first few days after the surgery then it is normal. The bleeding is around the stitches area.

  2. It may happen that you can develop an infection at the incision area because of diabetes which can delay the healing process.

  3. There are a lot of people who are not immune to the use of anesthesia and become allergic. This can cause a serious reaction in the form of headaches, vomiting and nausea.

  4. When wounds are not properly healed they develop infection; then this can lead to scars on the penis.
  5. Several times the foreskin is either cut too short or it is left longer than it should be. The skin can also be removed in an even manner causing it to look ugly.

Post Surgery Recovery

If you want that your surgery goes very well then you have to take care of the penis even after the circumcision surgery for adults. You will get good results if you follow the below-mentioned instructions.

  1. Swelling is quite normal when you have had any kind of surgery. For circumcision, the swelling can be reduced by putting an ice pack on the penis till it goes away.

  2. If you are having the same dressing for a very long time then an infection can create which slows the healing. Change the dressing every two days.

  3. You need to take complete bed rest for at least a week because it can be dangerous to immediately go for work.

  4. If you want no obstruction in the healing process then you have to take the appropriate prescribed medicine from the doctor. Taking the wrong medication or doing self-medication can give rise to more complications.

The Final Decision

Adult circumcision surgery is a very personal decision and should be taken after considering every negative and positive aspect. So before going into surgery think about the points discussed above.

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