Menstrual Cup; Pros and Cons of Using the D cup!

Menstrual Cup

There is something new in town with no strings attached and without any wings. The menstrual cup has made its debut all the way back in the 1930s. However, it only started getting famous around the 1980s when women in the U.S began to experiment with something more than just a piece of cloth. But as the name suggests, what’s in a name? Because this menstrual cup is also known as the diva cup, or the lily cup, the lunette cup, the moon cup, or the Lena cup. It has numerous brands and countless names.

The debate started getting sprawled around the town that it has the potential to replace tampons and pads completely. Women started buying their menstrual cup online. But is it really the matter? Let’s find out.

How To Use a Menstrual Cup

To use a menstrual cup, you first have to sterilize by boiling it in hot water for 5 mins. Once the cup is clean, you place a thumb at the middle and press fold it from the between. Making it shrink into small, easy to fit your vaginal opening. It might get a try or two to get the hang of this menstrual cup ultimately. But once you get there, turning back to anything else will become much difficult.

You can use the same inserted cup for up to 12 hours. Remove it by the lower string attached to it. Just by merely pulling it out by pinching the bottom of the cup to unlock the seal. Wash it with any mild cleansing gel and voila!

Pros of Using a Menstrual Cup

It is Eco-friendly and Pocket-friendly

Using the silicone or latex made a cup for more than a couple of times ( not applicable to the disposable ones), means less waste material to throw away. With pads or tampons, you have to change it every time, creating a pile of waste at the end of the period. But with these cups, you’re deciding to produce much lesser waste. The same goes for the prices. Where you only have to buy a single cup per month, pads or tampons requires a lot of quantity to stock up. Saing you a lot of money.

Can Leave it in For as Long as 12hours

Although pads and tampons come in packaging that says 8-10 hours of protection. But we all know the truth, don’t we? However, the case is different with these cups. They are 100% secure and reliable to use for up to 12 hours. You can easily get this menstrual cup online as well, for the times when you just don’t feel going outside. So, there are two advantages in one, long-lasting and convenient to get.

Holds More

What’s the best quality you search for in any sanitary product? It’s the capacity to hold. Menstrual cups rule out every product if we only compare them by the ability to hold as much as it can. It’s a cup and is designed not to absorb but to catch the dripping blood directly in it. Which means the durability increases by multiple times.

No Smell

Pads or tampons, whatever is your go-to sanitary product. They all are made to absorb the blood. Unlike cups, which can catch directly in itself. The product is fixed and sealed (temporarily) inside your vaginal opening. This means you no longer have to carry you’re absorbed in cotton blood in your panties anymore. And because nothing is out and there, the smell becomes non-existent. So, it’s the ultimate odorless solution for your period days.

Cons of Using a Menstrual Cup

Could be Difficult to Use at first

Let’s be honest; using a menstrual cup is much more complicated than quickly buying your menstrual cup online. You have to master a fold that suits you and your body. This could take time and could become a pain for the first few months. However, the situation gets comfortable and pleasing once you get the deal about inserting it correctly.

Finding the Right Size Could Be an Issue

It has been advertised that getting your perfect size is more accessible than understanding the size of your denim jeans. But it is not even that easy. It will take you to try a cup or two to get your size. The size is differentiated according to ages, and whether you have children or not.

Removal Could be Tricky

Removing a cup could be tricky, especially when it comes to performing the task inside the public washrooms. For removal, you have to sit or do the half squat to pull out the cup from the inside. This could create a mess as you’re practically pulling it out. You also have to clean it with water out in the sink, which is impossible and embarrassing to do in public washrooms.

Above are all the pros and cons that come with buying a menstrual cup online or by the store, whatever suits you to do. You can analyze the advantages and disadvantages and decide on your own if you want to go for the cup or want to stick with your old method of menstrual sanitation.


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