Spirituality Explained by Connie Lynn Culler

spirituality explained

Spirituality is simply inherent in the nature of man. That is why many have come up with different spiritual means to connect to someone greater, higher, and beyond the physical world. With this,  Connie Lynn Culler, a Lifestyle and Peace of Mind expert explains everything you need to know about spirituality.

Spirituality Perspectives, Definitions, and Beliefs

Connie Lynn Culler says spirituality means different things to different people and coming up with a definition might not be easy. This is to say what is spiritual to you might not be spiritual to another. Here are different ways people view spirituality:

Many believe spirituality is a religion wherein different practices and beliefs need to be followed and it is mostly linked to an organized group such as a church, temple, synagogue, mosque.

Others feel connected to nature and view spirituality through their experiences with nature.

Some are spiritual through their personal relationship and connection with the one above all. The one that created life, the universe, and everything in it. That is God.

There are new age spiritual beliefs as well which include reincarnations, astrology, psychic, paranormal, and belief in the presence of spiritual power in physical objects.

Others may find spiritualism in yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and spiritual awakening.

“Whatever the perceptions or views on spiritualism, it all comes back to an inner sense to connect to something or someone higher. It goes beyond the physical to spiritual. It sees the essence of man more than the mundane, daily life to something more divine, and powerful. The point that is spiritual forces, instincts and conscious directing humans than the electrical wiring of the brain and reasonings,” Connie Lynn Culler says. Spirituality seeks to meet the human deeper thirst for truth, peace, and mystery. It is like looking at how the spirit, soul, and body connects and where peace and love for God, oneself, others and the environment prevails.

Spirituality and Religion

When many heard the word spirituality, what generally comes to mind is religion. This is a phrase that comes with presumptions that spirituality equates to religions and different practices of laid down doctrines,  rituals, and dogmatic beliefs. However, spiritualism comes from the heart with a deeper sense of interconnectedness with something divine. This means you can be spiritual without being religious. Plus, you do not have to belong to an organized group to be spiritual.

However, religion and spiritualism might be distinct but they are also not far from each other. Many religions still emphasize spiritualism as part of their faith while there are elements of religions that can be found in spiritualism. Spirituality focuses on the search for the true meaning of life, connection, values, purpose, and peace. Religion is more of what is true and right including how to act and think within organized existing beliefs, traditions, and practices. This is usually shared between an organized group or community.

Spirituality and Emotional Health

“Life is about ups and downs and spirituality has become an important inner means to navigate life. During times of bereavement, challenges, emotional stress, physical and mental illness, spirituality becomes a means of escape from whatever life throws at people. It brings in comfort, peace, and relief which is important for emotional healing,” Connie Lynn Culler explains.

Moreover, spirituality recognizes that there is more to life than what we do every day. A place for purposeful living where humans move towards a fulfilled, purpose-led life. Working in this brings more fulfillment, happiness, and emotional stability.

“That is why many emotional practices such as yoga or meditation recommended for promoting emotional well-being are very similar to spiritual practices. While the two might be different. They are intricately linked together,” Connie Lynn Culler concludes.


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