Update on the Vaccination Status of COVID-19


Covid-19 has hit us in so many ways that it was unimaginable almost 2 years ago; we all know someone who has suffered from Covid-19 or know someone who might have a family member suffering from Covid-19.

The Death Toll Grows Each Day

It has affected everyone leaving no one behind, it has not cared for color, religion, or country.  It has treated everyone equally; the global death toll is now 2,980,000 and growing every day.

The only answer to the Covid-19 pandemic was a complete lockdown and the countries who ensure their population followed the protocols of a lockdown were able to curtail the number of cases and deaths.

Some Countries had Success

 Taiwan, Cambodia, and New Zealand have stood out as a success story and have been able to curtail numbers and spread of the Covid-19. The United States of America, Brazil, and India have been the worst hit with the highest death tolls in the world.

The only solution is to vaccinate the public quickly and vaccinations are underway in countries across the world. Progress is being made however, some poorer countries are still to receive vaccines and must rely on donations.

Regulatory authorities across the globe have allowed for emergency authorizations for 12 Covid-19 vaccines. While six of them have been approved by WHO recognized regulatory authorities that abide by the stringent protocol set by the organization.

The first vaccine approved by authorities for emergency use was the Pfizer–BioNTech3 vaccine first administered in the UK on the 2nd of December 2020. This was the beginning of the end of a pandemic that has affected every single one of us.

Currently Available Vaccine

Currently, the vaccines being administered to different populations are Sputnik, Oxford–AstraZeneca, Sinopharm, CoronaVac, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson (pa, Convidecia, Covaxin, EpiVacCorona, RBD-Dimer, CoviVac, and the Pfizer-BioNTech3.

According to the WHO, till the 14th April 2021, 733,287,398 vaccine doses have been administered. There is a long way to go before every adult on the globe can be covered and the multiple issues ranging from availability of vaccines, logistics, affordability of the vaccines by many countries remain a major hurdle.

Covax Vaccine Rollout for COVID-19

Under the Covax Vaccine Rollout funded by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Unicef. Gavi and CEPI, vaccines are being delivered to low-income countries. This initiative believes in equal access to vaccines and aims to support 92 lower-income countries. Countries like Africa, South America, and Asia. The vaccine rollout began with 600,00 vaccines that arrived in Ghana on the 24th of February 2021.

The Need for an Equal World

Covid-19 has highlighted once again the disparity between the wealthy and poor. The number of people living under poverty increased with the lockdown and they have suffered a tremendous loss. We aim to live in a world based on equality. Similarly, with the universal right to access to food, healthcare, and education.

The reality is far more different and heart-wrenching to say the least. One can hope that Covid-19 will bring a shift in the mindset of mankind. Which will make us move together towards a future that is equal, just, and kind.


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