Yoga Certification in India

Yoga Certification

If you are looking forward to obtaining your yoga certification from India, this article is very important for you. This is because I am going to explain everything in detail about how you can get your yoga certification from India. First of all, you should know that India has a special place and status in the world when it comes to yoga. Indian yoga is not only considered the best yoga but also the most authentic form of yoga. 

Any teacher who has Indian yoga certification has a better chance of succeeding in the career of a yoga teacher in comparison to the people who do not have an Indian yoga certification. That is why everyone who is into yoga wants to obtain a certification from India. But this process is slightly different from doing yoga certification from your own country. This is because you will have to travel to India to take part in classes and then after completing a course you will be given a specific certificate. Below is a complete guide about this whole process. 


Here is how you can obtain your Yoga certification in India. 

  • You will have to visit India for offline classes. You can select an Institute before arriving or select one after you have arrived in India. It depends upon your choice. Apart from Ashram, you will also have to choose a place to stay and practice.
  • After choosing your ashram, it is time for you to start practicing or learning yoga from the ashram you choose. There are courses that happen differently at different times. So, you should visit the ashram on time and start your chores. 
  • After practicing with your guru, you will learn about the theory and about the process of spiritual awakening. Once that happens and your course completes, you will be awarded a yoga certification in India. 

Procedure for online yoga classes:

Offline yoga classes are not the only way to obtain a yoga certification in India. You can also obtain a yoga certification online as well. Follow the guidelines below to do so. 

  • Visit the website of online yoga teacher training schools such as Arhanta yoga teacher training. 
  • Once you have selected the website or school, it is time to subscribe to the course or certification that you are looking for. 
  • Before subscribing, it is important to read terms and conditions to avoid any future issues. 
  • Once subscribed, you will be presented with dashboard access. That will allow you to watch exclusive yoga practice videos and course material on the theory of yoga practice. 
  • You can use these to complete your course and gain your certificate. If you have questions you can ask your mentor as well. 


For offline yoga teacher training, it is important that you visit India, and for online yoga classes, it is important that you have a strong internet connection. Otherwise, there is a chance that you miss out on your classes. But do not worry as all the lectures are recorded and these recordings can be accessed from the dashboards. 

How much will it cost?

It depends on the length of the course and the type of course that you are doing. Some courses only cost a few hundred dollars while some can cost a few thousand dollars as well. Short courses and special yoga-type courses cost much less as compared to the extensive yoga courses. Offline courses cost more because you have to physically visit the place while online courses can help you save a lot of money on that. 

What are the best places to learn yoga in India?

There are a lot of schools and ashrams where you can learn the best ways to practice yoga. Arhanta Yoga Ashram is one such place. Below is further detail about this yoga ashram. 

Arhanta Yoga Ashram:

It is one of the best places to learn yoga because teachers here are the expert yogis who have spent their entire lives learning and practicing yoga. These are devoted teachers who have devoted their lives to teaching yoga to others. Arhanta Yoga Ashram also offers multiple types of courses. From short term courses of only a few hours to long term courses of 500 hours. You can also choose online and offline modes of learning yoga. At the end of the course, Arhanta Yoga Ashram provides certification. This is valid all over the world. 


In this article, we learned about doing yoga certification and in India and what is its procedure for online and offline classes. We also discussed which places are the best ones to start your journey from. Arhanta Yoga Ashram is one such place where you can learn yoga and obtain your certificates with ease using offline and online classes.


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