Cat Window Perch Reviews and Buying Guides

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Some cats love to stare out the window, and if you want to get them off your furniture, or maybe just make their days more fun, then you might want to consider getting them their own cat window perch. With so many options available, though, it can be difficult to know which one to choose! That’s why we put together this list of the top 10 cat window perches on the market. We hope that it helps you find the perfect one for your furry friend!

General Advice

For cats who like heights, a window perch is a good choice. These are basically just platforms for your cat to sit on that rest on your windowsill. For some indoor-only cats, it can be nice to have a view of what’s going on outside—especially if you live in an apartment with lots of activity or near bird feeders or other interesting sights. To help make sure your cat has a place to watch from inside, opt for a window perch designed with comfy cushions and places for your pet to grab onto as he tries to keep his balance. You can even try adding another cat window perch right next to it so that he can even get away from drafts (if any) when lying down flat against his favorite spot!

How to Choose The Best Cat Window Perch?

A lot of cat owners love having windows in their homes, but some cats are leery of using them. A window perch gives your cat a safe place to sit outside where they can survey everything that’s going on in your yard or neighborhood. They’re especially good for kittens who aren’t strong enough to climb high surfaces or outside. However, they can be hard to find. Most pet stores don’t carry them, so you’ll have to shop online if you don’t want a DIY solution. Here are three factors to consider when choosing a window perch for your kitty

Tips Before Buying a Cat Window Perch

A window perch can provide a great opportunity for your cat to survey its surroundings as well as enjoy some time in nature. Before buying a cat window perch, you should think about your particular pet’s needs. For example, some cats are scared of heights or simply don’t like to look outside. These types of cats might not be suitable for a cat window perch.

Cats, Windows, and Purrfectly Placed Beds

Windows provide an excellent view for our feline friends, allowing them to observe their domain and enjoy bird’s-eye views. As a bonus, windows serve as a perfect place for cats to catch some rays—and we wouldn’t want them anywhere else! With so many reasons to sit by windows, it seems almost cruel not to offer our pets a comfortable place to rest while enjoying them. Cat window perches are constructed with just that in mind: They give cats access to their favorite views while ensuring they stay off your valuable furniture. Just be sure you know what you’re looking for before making your purchase! Every cat window perch is different (with varying materials, warranties, and designs), so it pays to do some research first.

What Are The Different Types of Cat Window Perches?

There are actually several different types of cat window perches you can choose from. Depending on your needs, there is a perch for every occasion. Some people want a small, low-profile option that doesn’t intrude too much into their homes. Others want something sturdy with a long lifespan that their cats will love using. We have put together some information to help you narrow down your search and make sure you get a product that really fits your needs. Here are three of our favorites

Pros & Cons

Cats who live indoors year-round tend to get bored quite easily, which can lead to a variety of behavioral problems. One way to help alleviate your cat’s boredom is to give her some view-worthy toys on her windowsills, such as bird feeders, climbing plants, or cat window perches. Cat window perches, usually made from scratch-resistant material like sisal rope or carpeted wood planks, provide your feline with a fun place for taking in all of nature’s wonders – as well as giving you peace of mind knowing she can’t jump out. Here’s a list of pros and cons for getting your cat one


A cat window perch is a great addition to any home with a cat. They are typically made of wood or metal, so they’re very durable, making them long-lasting. When your feline friend is scared or nervous of loud noises or people outside, a cat window perch allows them to feel secure inside your home while still being able to see what’s going on around them. You can have them mounted at various heights, giving your pet easy access to different views outside without having to worry about falling out of their cozy spot by your window. In addition, these also help your pet remain active since they allow for movement and exercise when sitting in place for a long period of time.


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