How to Handle an Emergency Roof Repair


For emergency roof repair it is essential to stay calm and cover your roof as much as possible and immediately call a reputable roof repair company.

Misfortune can happen anytime unexpectedly. The essential part of any house is the roof, but rainstorm or severe weather conditions can damage the roof. Moreover, Wildlife, including squirrels and raccoons, can chew through wooden structures and make holes that can be quite large. In such a situation, firstly, don’t panic and remain calm.

If you panic, you’ll be unable to manage the steps you require to do to handle and recover the situation. It is better to be aware of what to do when your house roof needs immediate repair beforehand. This article will provide you with an overview of what to do to handle an emergency roof repair.

Inspect and Cover the Damaged Areas

Firstly the area that causes leakage requires a clear look. Thus, if the leakage place is not that vast, you can place plastic all over the roof to prevent damage to the interior.

Moreover, if it is vast, there’s no other option than placing the buckets under the place where leakage occurred as it will save the house from flooding. Also, remove the furniture and shift it to another room. The easiest way to tackle this situation until some rescue team arrives for help.

Cover and Patch as much as Possible

If you are unable to get professional help immediately, you will need to work on your own. You would need to go to the attic of your house and find the damage and leakage source.

Then measure a piece of plywood and attach shingles to the exterior facing surface. To fix the patch in the proper place, use roofing cement. However, this is not a permanent fix. It will get you just enough time to find the right roofer.

Hiring the Professionals

For an emergency roof repair, you can hire roof repairing services. The service providers will fix your roof as soon as possible. Once the roofers get to your home, they will inspect the entire situation. They’ll examine and resolve it more clearly as they have expertise in that field.

Professional Roof repairs will cover the opening with strong plastic tarps tightened securely until the bad weather goes away. Later, the roof will require proper construction and replacement. This means you’ll have to find an alternate place to stay until they restore the roof. They will assure you to use the most reliable and durable materials.

Consult the Insurance Company

The most crucial step after the roof damage is to contact the insurance company. As soon after the damage as possible, contact your homeowner’s or emergency roof repair as their service is reliable and efficient. Unexpected roof damage can cause significant financial difficulty.

If you need to leave the house because it is unsafe, your insurance firm may offer coverage for hotels or other living areas while your roof is being repaired. The insurance company will transmit an adjuster who will review the damage and determine the claim’s proportion.

If you feel the estimate is simply too low, you can get estimates from different roofing companies and give them to the insurance underwriter as proof of the damage.

Seek for the Licensed Service

After consulting the insurance and company, you’ll seek a safety policy for yourself, including the contract to be licensed. While choosing a roofing contractor, make sure to be settled by a licensed and insured company. Some scam companies roam around the areas and jump to every opportunity to get the money from people. Such people will not have a proper license.

Such companies are either sub-standard or the company requires a large deposit. Once they receive it, they vanish and never perform the work. So it is better to assure that they have a license and the company is certified. Ask them for proof on the spot. A reliable company will never hesitate to prove their credibility.

Roof Mastic Usage

If your roof leak is visible, it can be because of a missing tile or shingle, and then a straightforward solution is to urge a solution by spreading roof mastic. It will cover the leakage spot.

Mastic or Roofing Cement will be applied over the leak to stop the water from coming in temporarily. You have to spread the mastic into any holes or cracks present to confirm that it seals well. Also, ensure to spread it a pair of inches around the area to stop any further leaks.


As you can see, if there is an emergency of roof damage, it is appropriate to choose the easiest way to deal with it. Although these ways are not the permanent solution for this problem, it will save the house from major issues or any other hazardous situation.

However, it is better to consult professionals, and maintain roofing regularly, and keep in view the insurance and licensing contracts. So that it can help in avoiding higher expenses and major issues in the future, it is also smart to schedule regular roof checks and inspection surveys to avoid any hazardous situation.


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