Top 3 Tips to Get the Most out of Your Granny Flats


In this technology-driven world, granny flats are quickly gaining immense popularity as one of the most useful perfect house addition. These flats are ideal for teenagers, retirees, and young families. To move into granny flats, you need to make some adjustments since these flats are compact compared to standard Aussie suburban. However, you don’t have to compromise with the quality of your lifestyle due to space constraints if you know how to maximize the functionality of the apartment.

By considering crucial factors like design, interior, and downsizing, you can make your granny flat more productive. Efficient designing and decorating the apartment can maximize your living space.

Now, Let’s Know What The Best You Can Do To Get The Most Out Of Your Granny Flat

1. Granny Flat Design

The design of your granny flat will have a significant impact on your daily routine. If you design the granny flat poorly, your living space will be full of clutter. The primary aim of granny flats is to provide a homely feeling to the members. You should pick a modern design and customize it according to your requirements.


It’s essential to seek the help of experienced developers to help you find the best floor plan. Open floor plans are perfect for granny flats because you don’t have to establish multiple zones in your living space. Make sure your bedrooms are blessed with natural light sources by making the windows larger.

You want to incorporate the flat design with smart storage options like cabinets to organize your stuff. You need to pick a design where the living room should flow with your kitchen and bedroom smoothly. One needs to ensure a sense of peace and comfort for the residents in the granny flat. The unit should be built using the available space intelligently so that the mere smaller area can’t put a major obstacle in the way of your comfortable living.

2. Downsizing

The major difference between your primary house and granny flat is the number of bedrooms. Your primary residence might be having 3-4 bedrooms, while a granny flat typically consists of one or two bedrooms maximum.


That, however, doesn’t mean your granny flat will affect your lifestyle. Downsizing is sometimes beneficial because you get the freedom to live your life to the fullest. It helps you to wipe out all the clutter which you don’t need anymore. For anybody, mental relaxation is essential than bulky decoration items and pieces of furniture.

When you live in a compact house, you get the opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones. However, privacy is an important factor, and two-bedroom granny flats can offer you just that.

3. Effective Decorating Tips For Your Granny Flat

After building your granny flat, it’s time to welcome some decorative items and furniture. Your way of decoration should enhance the living space and offer a cozier feeling to everyone.

Below are some decoration tips that you can consider:


  • Prefer multifunctional furniture like sofa cum bed to transform your second bedroom into a lounge or guest room. You can also use an ottoman for your coffee table.
  • The theme and interiors of your granny flat should use lighter colors to make the most out of natural sunlight.
  • Mirrors are not only for seeing whether your shirt is tucked up or not. The intelligent placement of decorative mirrors can give the granny flat a distinct look.
  • Avoid sharp pieces of furniture because they can be hazardous for older adults and children.

Final Thought

Single or two-bedroom granny flats are perfect for teenagers, retirees, and small families. You can make it more spacious by utilizing the above tips and interior design ideas. Make sure you work with a well-experienced flat developer who can assist you in the whole procedure.


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