How to Become a Plumber | Training and Professional Path


It is, perhaps, one of the most popular professions today. Hydraulics is very complicated and requires fairly refined knowledge. Not everyone can afford to work on a plumbing system. Many may manage to change a simple pipe under a leaky sink, but when the job requires more intervention.

DIY is no longer recommended. Hence the need to turn to professionals arises. Despite the great demand for plumbers, finding them is becoming increasingly difficult. Fortunately, there are specialized platforms, such as that of Our Company that allow you to search and find plumbers, bricklayers, electricians, painters, etc.

With a simple click. However, not everyone can rightfully declare themselves plumbers, simply because “the profession has been handed down to them”. It doesn’t work like that anymore today. So what does it take to declare yourself a true plumbing expert? How to become an accredited and recognized plumber?

How to Become a Plumber: the Training Course:

It is not enough to declare yourself a plumber to really be one. Although experience is always very welcome, in this profession, as in others, it is necessary to study first. Learning the basic notions of hydraulics is a must to become a Technical Manager who can certify a system.

So the first thing to do is to enroll and follow a course to become plumbers-Thermos hydraulics. By following a specific training course, at the end of which a certificate is issued, the participant has the opportunity to certify the water systems, heating systems, and air conditioning systems to the company.

Whether you want to start working as an employee rather than opening a private company, attending a training course is highly recommended.

It Opens more Doors and Consequently Offers more Opportunities:

The choice of the course must fall on an accredited and recognized path. As well as abroad and which issues certificates that allow you to participate in recruitment in public competitions.

What a Plumber must be Able to Do:

Before understanding how to become a plumber, it is good to know what exactly they must be able to do. The plumber is a professional able to build, assemble/disassemble and maintain installations for the propagation of water and gas. He is a skilled worker who deals with:

  • View and analyze the technical documentation necessary to carry out the installation
  • Prepare the work phases according to the intervention to be performed
  • Construct entire pipes, or parts of them, for the hot/cold water pipeline and for the heating systems
  • Assemble/disassemble and maintain the measuring, control, regulation, and safety instruments
  • Install and maintain bathrooms and toilets
  • Adjust, assemble and maintain already installed systems
  • Carry out acceptance tests
  • Repair the equipment used for the interventions

How to Become a Plumber Technical Manager of an Installation Company:

A technical manager of an installation company can certify the installed systems. The training required to become one is a little different from that of the simple skilled worker, the plumber.

In fact, a qualification deemed valid in the Chamber of Commerce is required, which can attest to the knowledge and requirements acquired in order to then be able to certify the installed systems.
Therefore, work experience, internships/traineeships, apprenticeships, general workers, etc. are not enough. Because all these experiences do not contribute to achieving the technical requirements to demonstrate in the Chamber of Commerce.

To become a technical manager of a water system installation company, you must be in possession of at least one of the following requirements:

  • Having worked as a skilled worker for at least three years, in the last five years, in the field of plant engineering, as an employee of a company operating in the sector.
  • Having attended and completed a regional technical-practical qualification course, plus two years of plant engineering and skilled worker employed by companies in the sector, over the last five years;
  • Be in possession of a specific 5-year secondary education diploma as a plumber, followed by a period of documented work of at least 1 year as a skilled worker in a company in the sector.
  • Have been owners or partners of plant engineering companies for at least 4 years as a technical collaborator before 14/12/1994.
  • Have obtained a bachelor’s degree of at least 3 years in a relevant technical subject and demonstrate that they have work experience in the field.

The Duties of the Technical Manager of the Installation Company:

At the end of their training, a technical manager may become the owner of a sole proprietorship, or partner of a company operating in the sector, or an employee of a plumbing company. Which the installed systems are certified.

The plumber is an increasingly sought-after professional figure. There are few real professionals around and finding them is increasingly difficult. But It is not impossible. You just need to know where to look. What we suggest is to do it on accredited portals. Such as that of Our Company It brings together a good number of valid professionals at the service of the community.


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