7 Important Questions You Should Ask Your Landscaping Contractor

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Wondering if it’s time to hire a landscape contractor for your Atlanta, GA home? Most people need help with their exterior landscaping to make their outdoor spaces shine and dream up creative solutions like irrigation systems for their landscape challenges.

Before you decide on a zen garden, built-in fire feature, backyard farm, or upgrading your hardscape, we recommend you evaluate what you want. Because you just can’t show up seeking to get the transformation that will turn heads and make you happy for the years to come. Here are a few tips to help you execute your vision:

  • What are my needs and aspirations for my garden? Make a list of must-haves so that you can talk through your expectations and designs. You will also want to know what will work best with your space and alternatives that can save you money.
  • Think about the extras that will make your landscape effective: Be sure to work with a full-service landscaping firm in Atlanta, GA that combines design, installations, and maintenance services. For instance, you will also want to add a sprinkler system, if you don’t have one already to cover your new landscape. So be sure to get a true understanding to avoid several months of reoccurring disappointment.
  • Budget: Most often homeowners don’t want to go beyond their maximum budget. However, when it comes to choosing contractors, price should not be the only thing to compare, be sure to consider the experience and skill level. 

Whether you are seeking to transform the grounds, add features or simply want to elevate the service or maintenance of your backyard or corporate campus, the best way to tackle these projects in Atlanta, GA is to get help from professional landscaping contractors. Here are a few questions that can make your journey to finding the best landscaping contractors manageable.

Ask these 7 questions before hiring your next landscaping contractor in Atlanta, GA–

Review credentials and Experience:

What all do you handle? Are you a full-service landscaping company?

With many landscaping companies, you want to hire a company that is knowledgeable, easy to work with, reliable, and equipped with creative problem solvers and trend-forward designers. Large projects encompass different fields of expertise and multiple landscapers such as designers, contractors, managers, arborists, and plumbers who can perform all the desired work.

How long have you been in business?

Great work is equal parts form and function, so do your part to research and know about the company. Ask if the contractor specializes in the project type you want to pursue. Request a look through their completed projects that represent the same scope. This will ensure that their experience meets the needs and standards required for your project. Make sure to consider the following points:

  • Are there previous works similar to your project?
  • Do they meet the quality standards?
  • Do they have a reference list of former clients?

A landscaping contractor who is a long-time in the industry with a vast portfolio and offers a multitude of services shows their skills and abilities.

Certifications and license:

Do you hold valid licenses and certifications?

It is important to make sure that your chosen company has trained technicians and proper certifications. This will ultimately save you from short-term and long-term headaches after the completion of your project. Moreover, your town may have additional requirements for contractors performing work that signifies high-quality standards and certifications which validates their years of experience, training, professionalism, and commitment to serve their clients with the best.


Who will be working on my project?

Note that, many landscaping companies misqualify subcontractors as in-house experts and technicians. Knowing this beforehand will give you a better idea of who will be working on your projects. If the landscaping company uses sub-contractors to complete the job, it can be hard to ensure a consistent level of quality and service. For instance, many companies specializing in lawn designing and maintenance may not have all the resources to design and implement a plan from scratch. For highest-touch service, choose contractors with in-house designers, experts, and technicians, plus oversee the ongoing maintenance of the garden.

A reliable landscaping contractor in Atlanta, GA has professionals on their staff for your project. Sometimes, it means a special license, and other times, it’s just experience. However, Oasis Landscapes will have just what you need, from inspired landscape and hardscape design, their team of professionals strives to deliver unparalleled experience and exceptional results.

What does the proposal include?

Make sure you compare if you are getting multiple bids. Take out time to walk them through your expectations and what your dream project looks like. Additionally, discuss the budget and how much maintenance you could take on. For the proposal part, it is important to check what all is included. For instance, are the specific material defined, the style, brands and plants used, the terms of the contract, and much more.

What’s your process?

Depending on the scope of the project, the landscaping contractor will be disrupting the site and installing new materials. The designer is responsible to walk you through the project, so the completions dates can be pinned down. However, there is more to the process than you may think.

Obviously, you hired a commercial landscape company, for maintenance and you expect they will, they say they will, and so on. But without a process and a contract what happens after few months? This takes us to the next question.

Cost and contract:

What is the estimated cost? Do you provide a written contract?

Be honest and upfront about your budget and also ask how the changes can impact the final costs. Get a quote in writing in which it is clearly stated if it is an estimate or fixed price.

A contract should cover many aspects of the job, and at a minimum should state the following:

  1. The start date and estimated completion date.
  2. Scope of work with each service and responsibility.
  3. Cost break down, of the services like disposal, design, installations, materials, and maintenance if any.
  4. Payment schedules- how much to pay at each phase of the project
  5. Who will be responsible for the disposal and clean-up?
  6. Permits
The Bottom Line

Base your decision on the basis of the above questions. Before signing any kind of contract, verify if the company is in good standing, with the best combination of qualifications, experience, and experts to do the work. For you to make sure the work is done right and according to your specifications, choosing the right contractor is important.

Now that you know how to hire the right landscaping contractor that fits your needs perfectly, it’s time to get started!


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