How to Get Rid Of Pests Problems At Home


Pests are animals and plants that are harmful to human health or household objects. They not only spread diseases but also destroy human concerns/related things. The seriousness of this problem depends on the type of pest infestation your home has. Different types of hacks can expel or get rid of pests. Avoid killing and prefer using different methods to expel them. Read the article to know the different methods mentioned below to get rid of pests.

1. Keep the Home Tidy and Ventilated

The pests and small organisms grow faster in moist and wet places. Don’t leave your home untidy and wet. The rooms should be well ventilated to allow fresh air entry. Without ventilation, the rooms get infested with pests quickly. Do the regular home cleaning to allow the fresh air in.

2. Keep Edibles Covered

The pests survive on the edibles (it may be anything from soil to water) present in our house. Many of the pests survive in soil and water. Big pests such as rodents need solid food to survive. Throw the left-out perishable food material daily to avoid infestation. The pests can grow if they find the food in the garbage Bin.

3. Do not Spread Potable Material in Your Home

Both edible and potable materials attract the pests in your home. Don’t spread liquid material in the rooms. Keep water and other liquids covered as all pests need water and food. Pests stay wherever they get these things.

4. Role of Garden Maintenance

A clean garden plays an important role in keeping pests away. Keep cleaning the garden regularly. The untidy or not cleaned garden gets infested with pests. If you find small insects in the garden, spray the chemical or essential oil to repel them out. Trim the plants and trees as pests grow on the plants fast. The pests make their way to your home from the garden.

5. Throw the Unwanted Things

Our home has a lot of unwanted objects such as kids’ toys, strollers, luggage, old bags, and other small objects. Ask yourself whether you need them or not. If you don’t need these things, sell/donate or throw them away. The unwanted things get rusted and many micro-organisms grow on these objects.

6. Use a Good Quality Window Net

A window is the entry gate for the pests. Many pests can enter through the window and can damage the things kept inside. A window net not only stops the entry of the pests but also provides ventilation for the room. A window net stops the entry of mosquitoes and save us from being ill.

7. Clean the Ceiling and Roof

If you have a roof above the floor where you live, don’t ignore it. Make it clean daily or weekly to make it free from pests. Without cleanliness, this may get infested with pests. The same pests can make their entry into your home.

8. Keep Pest-repellent Plants in Your House

Some plants can repel particular types of pests away from home. That’s why; most Indian families plant the herbs/plants that repel the pests. Plants such as neem, tulsi, mint, and aloe vera have medicinal properties. These plants/herbs can repel insects.

9. Do not Spread Sweet Edibles in the House

Sweet foods attract pests more than other food materials. The ants and cockroaches love the sweet food and smell it from distant places. We should clean the place if sweet has fallen somewhere in the home. Also, don’t leave the sweet open as flies and ants can attack as soon as they smell it.

10. Keep Kitchen and Bathroom Clean

Kitchens and bathrooms (untidy) can spread pests in the home. Untidy space becomes the home of pests. We can see many harmful insects at these places.  The insects found at these places are spiders, ants, flies, cockroaches, etc.

Ways to Getting Rid of Pests at Home

Get rid of ants

Ants can contaminate the food and damage the wood. A solution made by combining vinegar and water in 1:1 can help in getting rid of ants. Spray this solution wherever you come across ants in your home. Also, you can make the solution with dish soap and water to spray on the ants.

Get rid of flies

Flies are the next that spread severe diseases and can cause food poisoning. Flies can spread Salmonella, E.coli, and cause food poisoning. To get rid of flies, we can make a jar trap in which we keep floral dish soap in a deep bowl and cover it with plastic. Poke some holes in the plastic to make the entry point for flies.

In this way, we can trap the flies. We can apply the same method to trap the fruit flies that get attracted towards the cut fruit kept in the bowl. Cover the bowl with plastic and poke the holes in it.

Get rid of cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the common bugs found in our home. Cockroaches’ skin and waste can cause allergies and asthma. To catch them we can trap them inside a bottle by putting something that attracts them.

Also, we should do oiling on the bottle cap to ensure the trap. Oiling on the bottle cap makes it impossible to climb or come out of the bottle.  Keep the sink, drawer, and other places clean as cockroaches hide them under these places. Keep the places lit to drag them away.

Get rid of spiders

Spiders are another common bug found in our homes. To get rid of these bugs we follow some natural methods. Spiders dislike the citrus scent and move away from it. We can rub it along the way spiders walk. We can also make a natural spray to move them out of the home.

Take water and add spider repelling oil. Spider-repelling oils are obtained from eucalyptus, citronella, lavender, peppermint, cinnamon, citrus, and cedar, etc. Spray this solution in cold and rainy seasons, wherever you find the spiders.


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