How to do Plumbing for your kitchen?



The Kitchen planner is a practical 3D online tool that makes it easy to plan plumbing for your kitchen. And all this is completely free. The planning software runs on your PC, tablet, or smartphone without downloading and is very easy to use. It doesn’t matter which browser or operating system you use for the kitchen planner. You can create your new online kitchen yourself in just a few minutes and, thanks to the practical 3D view, you can examine it from all angles.

How does a kitchen planner work?

You have two options to plan and design your new online kitchen according to your personal tastes.

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Plumbing for your kitchen

Having a well-adapted kitchen with good plumbing is one of the most important decisions when making or changing this room. Suffering breakdowns in the plumbing in our kitchen is a great nuisance since it limits us in household and vital functions.

However, they are more frequent than they seem, especially if the materials are not of good quality. This is due to the fact that its continuous use causes it to have special conditions of humidity and temperature, so if the material does not provide good qualities it will suffer premature damage.

For its repair or installation, we will need the help of a professional who can carefully plan every detail in advance. For this type of work, factors such as the water pressure to be applied, the height of the starting and drainage point, the density of the fluid, and the thickness of the flow, among others, must be taken into account.

Different Types of Pipes:

There are different types of pipes that must be considered before making a change or installation since we must assess which one will best adapt to the characteristics of our home and the service we want it to provide.

Stainless steel pipes

They are the most expensive and the least common, in addition, they are difficult to find. They have a high resistance to saltwater corrosion, so it is more common to see them in constructions near the sea or in marine equipment.

Copper pipes

They are the most common in the home since, although they are more expensive than plastic ones, they are more resistant and last longer. They withstand very high temperatures.

PVC pipes

These types of pipes are not used to transfer hot water since high temperatures can deform them and even melt them. They are mainly used to transport water with high pressure.

Galvanized pipes

This type of material prevents oxidation and increases resistance, which is why it is generally used to carry and draw water from homes. However, they are being displaced by cross-linked polyethylene pipes since the latter provides the same resistance at a lower price.

Cross-linked polyethylene pipes

These pipes are capable of withstanding high temperatures and their price is cheap, we can normally see them in boilers or water heating systems.

Common plumbing problems:

With the passage of time, the materials wear out, and if the maintenance and revision of these have been scarce, without realizing it, we may be having a breakdown that increases the price of our invoice. From Plumbing Marco we explain what are the most common breakdowns in our home.

Dripping in the faucets

This can be caused by small cracks in the joints that grow larger and larger until it becomes visible to us. In the long term, it can cause a high cost in the bill and damage to the environment.
Calcium problems in the installation. It occurs in places where the water contains a high level of lime and if it is not removed from the pipes, the water will not arrive evenly.

Blockage of the pipes

They are caused by the remains of residues when cleaning, so it is recommended to follow very simple guidelines such as the use of a grid in the drain and use products that unclog before having the problem.
Loss of water in the tank. In general, it has to do with the button being stuck, but if this is not the case once checked, we should contact a professional.

When should I renew the plumbing in my kitchen?

Due to the excessive use, we make of the pipes in our kitchen, it is advisable to change them every 20 years or so. However, this sector is constantly advancing, so the development of new materials means that the life cycle of the pipes changes over the years, so it is recommended that a professional check our installation and carry out maintenance to detect possible leaks and repair them.


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