5 Best Reptile Pets Anyone Can Own


Do you want a stress-free environment after a hectic work schedule? If yes, you might consider owning a pet reptile. The reason lies in their non-aggressive nature and gentle personality. Being non-venomous, they are easy to handle and can be a colorful addition to your daily life. 

However, when researching reptiles or snakes for sale, you might get lost in choosing the best one. This is because reptiles come in various forms and personality types, so bringing one to your house is like a hard puzzle to crack. 

For your convenience, this article lists the five best reptiles you can keep as your best buddies. Without any delay, let’s count down the top reptile pets one by one. 

1. Geckos as Pets 

Geckos can be the most suitable option to add a charismatic personality to your house. They are known for their distinctive physical appearance and are thus considered to be the most popular domesticated lizards. You’ll find them in multiple color patterns as they have unique physical characteristics. 

What’s best? They come in a manageable size, making them the ideal pet reptiles to keep in an apartment. If you are attracted to geckos and want to bring one to your living space, here are some of their common morphs you can choose from: 

2. Patternless Leopard Gecko

One of the most stunning and eye-catching morphs of geckos is the baby patternless leopard gecko. It comes in stunning colors ranging from white to yellow with blue eyes. You’ll be amazed to know that it is the first customized pet lizard that reptile enthusiasts love due to its color. 

3. Albino Leopard Gecko

Due to its small size and low-maintenance requirements, the albino leopard gecko might be a perfect lizard to own as a pet. It usually grows from 6 to 8 inches and thus is easy to handle, especially for beginner owners. Compared to other leopard geckos, the albino gecko needs a small habitat to thrive and hence has simple care requirements. 

4. High Yellow Leopard Gecko

With beautifully colored bright yellow or golden variations, high-yellow leopard geckos can easily adjust to your lifestyle. The intense colorations throughout its body length make it one of the more attractive leopard gecko morphs to keep in your house. The best thing is it primarily feeds on insects and, thus, has simple feeding needs. 

5. Pet Snakes 

Next on the list comes the slithery companions, snakes. Their calm and docile nature makes them renowned as the favored reptiles to keep as pets. They are affectionate towards their owners, so you can quickly develop a lovely bond with these wiggly pets. Moreover, they are easy to handle and do not demand much attention. Here are some common snakes that might fit into the category of best household reptiles: 

6. Ball Pythons 

If you want to bring a friendly and adorable snake to your house, ball pythons can be the ideal pet. They are the most sought-after snakes in the pet trade. You can find them in multiple color patterns as they have a diverse collection of morphs, so you can easily choose the one that attracts your eye. 

7. Corn Snakes

When researching snakes for sale, you can consider corn snakes due to their elegant appearance. Reptile enthusiasts love to keep them because they are small and easy to handle even for minors. Moreover, they have very few maintenance requirements and can usually live in a small enclosure. 

8. Adult Russian Tortoise

You might not have thought of tortoises when searching for the best reptiles to keep as pets. But adult Russian tortoises can prove to be the most lovely companions due to their shy nature. They have basic survival requirements, such as a medium-sized habitat of approximately 40 to 50 gallons. Their diet includes vegetables, fruits, and common plant leaves. Hence, you can develop a friendly bond with these cute creatures with just a little effort. 

9. Indonesian Blue Tongue Skink

Among the popular pet lizards, the Indonesian blue tongue skink is considered the ideal reptile for people of all ages. It has a gentle nature and comes in different color variations. Moreover, it does not climb and thus can easily live in its habitat for most of the time. Due to this reason, you can quickly form a stronger bond with these pet lizards. 

10. Albino Red-Eared Slider Turtle

Due to its extremely small adult size, usually 4 to 6 inches, the albino red-eared slider turtle can be an excellent reptile to keep as a pet. It comes in beautiful color morphs and does not demand much from its owners. The most attractive thing is you can keep it in a small terrarium as they mostly need water to survive. 

Final Verdict 

In conclusion, all pet reptiles have a unique physical appearance and elegant color patterns. They have vivid colorations bright enough to catch your eyes and thus attract people towards them. Therefore, when researching reptiles or snakes for sale, you can get an unlimited collection of the best reptiles to keep as your best buddies. Ensure to take care of their survival requirements, and you’re all set to welcome a new wiggly companion. 


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