11 Tips to Look Dazzling on Special Occasion


If you appear as relaxed and energized on a special occasion then this means that you look dazzling. On this day your friends and family will be present with you. You will like to look outstanding. A camera will capture your images and this day will be memorable for you. However, it is not so difficult to look amazing on this special day. The industry of lifestyle and fashion has changed so much. Now it has become very easy to purchase items from online stores by using their websites. You need to select the items that will give you a nice look and order them online. Now I will give you 11 tips to look dazzling on a special occasion.

1. A perfect outfit  

If you will go shopping to purchase a nice dress for you to wear on a special day then you will feel great. Get inspiration from magazines if you do not have any idea which dress will suit you. It may be very difficult to identify which design is perfect for your figure. A particular outfit that looks nice when seen from eyes does not necessarily fit your personality. So, before picking the dress ask your cousin or friend whether it will look good on you. In order to rock the occasion, select a fantastic outfit that flatters the shape of your body.

2. A pair of good-looking shoes 

A nice pair of shoes will look good on you if you wear them on this day. But keep in mind that the shoes must be comfortable for your feet because you have to wear these for the complete occasion. Make sure that these are comfortable as well as fashionable. If the shade of your dress matches with your shoes then you will look awesome.

3. Some nice accessories 

On this special day, you can wear some accessories that will give you a complete look. If you are a lady then you can wear a watch, a pair of earrings or a beautiful necklace. Make sure that it is unique and matches your dress. Don’t wear more than 2 accessories. There is no need to overload yourself with so many accessories.

4. Try out a Saree 

For ladies, it will be good if they experiment with a saree on this day. They can try some new styles but always avoid the usual drape. If you wear a crop top blouse then it will give a nice appearance to you. You can also wear an accessory like a belt with it. In order to give a style statement, wear a skirt under Saree.

5. An Indo-western style can also look good

You can try Indo-western style if you think that ethnic outfit doesn’t seem nice for the special day. Instead of wearing a skirt with Kurti, try out Kurti with dhoti pants. It will also look great if you wear a skirt with a crop-top.

6. Your hairdo and makeup

Most of the ladies go for makeup on any special occasion. Get a rosy glow on your face and make your skin smooth with the makeup, so that you look different and beautiful too. Along with makeup, you can also try something for your hair. Go to a salon and get that hairstyle which suits you. Different types of hairstyles will be given in the pictures present at the salon.

7. Go for facial

It will be good if every month you go for a facial. But before the special day doesn’t try it. It is because if you do this then on a special day, good results will not be obtained. A facial treatment every month is always good for you.

8. Go for the removal of unwanted hair on the face

Before the special day, you can try laser hair removal or any other method for removing the unwanted hair from your face. This will make you dazzling and radiant and you will become ready for the big day.

9. Keep yourself healthy and fit

Do exercise daily so as to keep yourself fit. It will not only remove extra fat from your body but release your stress too. Along with this eat healthy food. Eat green vegetables and drink milk daily. Don’t eat too much junk food. Then at night take a sound sleep to energize yourself.

10. Don’t go dieting

Always avoid dieting if you are planning for a special day. Your skin and health can be badly affected by this. Always eat food that is fresh and healthy.

11. Drink enough water

Drink 10 glasses of water every day. Don’t eat too much oily or junk food as it will increase your thirst. At regular intervals take a small diet.   

If you are hosting an online event that is physical location-based then this event is known as the virtual event. By using an internet connection and mobile or laptop you can host a recruitment fair, product launch, trade show, or a global conference, just by sitting at an office or home. For these virtual events also you can try some of the tips mentioned above. But if you wear a formal dress with all this then it will have a good impression on the attendees.


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